The Future of Hybrid Cars

by : Thomas Jones

Okay, so most of us know that the flying cars from the Jetsons were not exactly the most realistic expectations that we could have had for the future. Then again, the cartoons of Hanna-Barbera didn't exactly focus on realism. That isn't to say that today's technology doesn't have its amazing qualities, in fact, one of the most accomplished advances here are the hybrid cars that have grown in prominence. Don't think that hybrids have finished their advancement, though. Oh, no. In fact, take a look at what's in store for the future of hybrids:

1. Go, Baby, Go! - Rumor has it that manufacturers of hybrid cars are attempting planning on increasing the efficiency of hybrid engines, hopefully being able to push these vehicles up to 70 miles to the gallon. General Motors is already looking to develop their new hybrid to that 70 mile mark in 2010, and may be able to push that number even higher.

2. Better than the Coppertop - Lithium-ion batteries have done amazing things to our lives, considering they are found in laptops, cell phones, PDAs and iPods. The lifespan and portability of these particular batteries puts them worlds above older batteries, making our lives more accessible. As it stands, these batteries are only used in smaller electronics, but there is scientific research in the hopes that soon, these Lithium-Ion batteries can be adapted to the automotive industry. If hybrids can use Lith-Ion batteries, then cars can accelerate faster to higher speeds, be even more efficient, and would be able to lengthen the distance between fill-ups. Not only would those advantages be available, new hybrids would be much more affordable to consumers, and hopefully would solve a lot of problems. Especially since, as it stands, most of the battery packs used in current hybrids could be much more efficient than they are.

3. No more Clown Car - Instead of trying to fit eight or nine people in a car that can only really handle four or five, hybrids should be much more roomy on the inside, but hopefully still be easier to cope with. In fact, the hope is that as time progresses, the hybrids will match with their conventional counterparts in size and storage capacity.

4. You Want One, We Have One - As it stands, just about every manufacturer will have a hybrid in this year's line-up. Those who have not, such as Volkswagen, are planning and developing their own hybrids that will be brought out in the near future. The hope is that soon, no matter which dealer you want to purchase your hybrid from, in the future, you should be able to find one anywhere. So, give it two years and with any luck, you'll have your very own hybrid, no matter the dealer.

5. California Will Be Proud - Hybrid cars are already extremely efficient, but there is always room for improvement. 90% of the hybrid cars on the market today could easily be more efficient, although, Zero Emissions won't be possible, seeing as how hybrids still require gasoline. Although, 95% to 99% better is a pretty close second.

So, even though the hybrid you want may not be available yet, there is hope no matter what. As long as consumers are willing to buy hybrids now, these advances will be more affordable, and soon you could be enjoying your very own Volkswagen Beetle Hybrid with close to zero emissions and plenty of room for that walking stick you just had to bring camping with you.