Hybrid Cars Faq

by : Thomas Jones

After all you have seen, read, and heard about hybrid cars, are you truly ready to buy your new hybrid car? Have a look at this quick FAQ to help you understand the essentials in getting your very own hybrid car:

Even hybrids are not created equal. In the city, the Honda Civic Hybrid can achieve a fuel economy of 49 miles per gallon, while the Chevy Malibu Hybrid can only achieve 24 miles per gallon. That's a fairly big difference, especially because the Malibu Hybrid, which costs $22,790 MSRP, is actually more expensive than the Civic Hybrid, which costs $22,600. So which one is better suited for you is the real question when buying one of these hybrids.

Hybrids cost more than conventional cars. Most hybrids cost about $20,000 and above, so considering a new vehicle when you only have about $18,000 would mean it probably wouldn't be a hybrid-- unless you find a real bargain. But normally, you would need at least $3,000-6,000 more than the conventional models if you wanted to purchase a hybrid. There is also a lot more you actually have to pay for when it comes to purchasing a hybrid vehicle, including optional items such as paint and upholstery pro-tectants, and warranties, which can really cost thousands more in dollars once you have added in everything you want for your new hybrid car.

Gas expenditure will be reduced. The good news is that hybrids use only half the amount of gas that conventional vehicles do use, because of its two sources of power-gas and electricity. Hence there is less need to refuel, which translates to savings on gas in the long run.

Hybrid cars are environment-friendly. With all the alarm due to the greenhouse effect of burning gasoline, hybrids are a welcome development, because they can reduce that greenhouse effect in this planet we live in. Do you believe that a hybrid car can have up to 90% less emissions than the conventional car? This results in less smog, as well as damage to the ozone layer, and ultimately, your health.

Hybrid cars allow for tax and other benefits. Hybrid cars are allowed to park at parking meters and parking meters without fees, drive in Toll lanes for free, or qualify for credits in tax. But you can get benefits for up to $3,400 only, so watch when your vehicle hits the 6,000 purchases, and you can no longer get credits.

You need some time to get used to your hybrid car. You'll not just get a pleasant surprise when you realize the savings from your fuel consumption... you'll also find that your engine automatically shuts off, then starts again at red lights... and even the oh, so quiet engine allows you to listen to your favorite music without needing to increase its volume.

Hybrid cars, aside from the usual features and benefits from other cars, come with the perks for you, your neighbors, and our planet earth.