Buying a Battery Charger From Ebay Motors : is it a Bargain?

by : Stone Dupree

Ebay Motors is a great place to find a battery charger for your automotive and recreational needs. You probably already know the Ebay name since they have been the number one auction site on the internet for quite some time. By using Paypal or other payment services you have guarantees in place that make buying from Ebay safer than ever. Thanks to their ability to create storefronts you can find items for traditional auction style bidding or for items you can buy right now.

Whether you own a Honda motorcycle, an antique Dodge truck, or Yamaha ATV you need a trickle charger or tender to keep the battery up when not in use. Why not shop and find the best bargain around. While writing this article I found that prices varied widely. The lowest was a starting bid of $.01 which the seller probably has a minimum price before he will accept the winning bid. The highest price was for a specialty 3 bank charger starting at $800. The majority of the prices were around $50 or less.

All of the prices depend on whether the charger was new or used. Many auctioneers will offer some sort of warranty on their used products. You will find many of the prices closer to retail for brand new devices, but occasionally you can catch one at a bargain. One thing to keep in mind is shipping and possible taxes could raise the price beyond retail sometimes even for used products so be aware!

The last I looked for auto battery chargers there were several hundreds of choices. These included tenders, manual chargers, and trickle chargers. Units that offered from 2.5 amps to 300 amp and 6 and 12 volt . Manufacturers included Century, Schumacher, Deltran, and Battery Tender. With such a large number of choices you are sure to find what you need at a price you can afford.

Whatever type of charger you need you are likely find it on Ebay Motors. With a little shopping around and sometimes a little luck a cheap bargain can be had. If you keep aware of retail prices, shipping, and possible taxes you will find more buying power for your hard earned dollar.