Help for Car Consumers

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Not all consumers looking for a vehicle to buy are knowledgeable about what vehicles are the best buys. Some of them just look at the price and buy a vehicle. Later on, they would realize that the price was not really worth the vehicle. Some would go for looks to later on realize that the car is lacking some features that they are looking for in a vehicle.

This is the very reason why experts advise consumers to check out vehicle reviews and vehicle guides to help them choose the right vehicle that would be up to par to their needs and wants. One of the newest guides that could help consumers find the vehicle to own is's Car Buyer's Guide which is accessible through The company announced that with their new Car Buyer's Guide, consumers would be able to learn about the best vehicles in the market as well as reviews on some of the industry's vehicles. Guests would also be able to learn more about car specifications. The guide also has interactive tools which would help consumers find the vehicle that would be the right buy.

Doug Harbrecht is's director for New Media and he shares, "For years, Kiplinger's has provided expert analysis of cars and the industry from both the personal finance and business perspectives. Now an entire section of our Web site is devoted to the topic, and we encourage visitors to take advantage of it to find the right car, at the right price."

Some of the special features that's New Buyer's Guide has include online reviews. Every week, there two new cars put under the spotlight and visitors can learn more about the vehicles featured. would also be announcing their choice of winners for the awards that they give to deserving automobiles. The list of awards includes the Best in Class, Best Resale Value, First for Safety, Best New Car, and Most Fuel Efficient. All these awards are given to one vehicle in each category.

At press time, the whole guide has a collection of over 1,110 vehicles which includes cars, crossover vehicles, sports utility vehicles, and trucks. Profiles of these vehicles are available as well as specifications. If you are looking for compatible vehicles, the New Buyer's Guide would assist you well.

Purchasing a vehicle is just the start of being a car owner. One of the most important things that car owners look for is auto insurance. The New Buyer's Guide also has a page dedicated to assisting consumers find auto insurance quotes. Consumers are also given tips on the whole process of buying a car.