Online Auto Insurance is not the Cheapest

by : Terry Schierer

Online auto insurance sites have done a great job of advertising that they are faster and cheaper, costing you hundreds of dollars on every renewal. The truth is that faster they are by a few minutes but cheaper they are not by buckets of your money at renewal time.

The big insurance companies don't want you reading this. They're making a huge bundle selling high priced auto insurance online.

The reason they are so successful is because we as a society have come to equate fast with best and this is far from the truth. The big car insurance companies have done a great job at pushing "fast". What do you see on the opening screen of any of these site? " Get your insurance now" or the always popular"fast quote".

You will never see "lowest quote" plastered on there screens because they know that only the local agents have access to the rate cuts. They are the only ones that have the authority to lower rates.

These online sites just a computer with a hard drive. Computers are only as smart as what is put on there drives and believe me you won't find a low quote anywhere on that hard drive. Just how long do you think it would take for some bright programmer to figure out how to access that low rate? Probably not any longer than it's taking you to read this article.

Can you imagine what would happen to those big insurance companies if everyone on the internet new how to access that low rate. Some "Guru" would be selling a program for all to use in a matter of minutes.

The only way to get that low quote is from a local insurance agent and then only if he knows he's competing against another agent. Call up your local agent and you'll get the same quote as every one else. Local insurance agents are there to make money and they won't give out that low rate unless their forced to.

The only way to get that low rate is through the agent himself, not his secretary or anyone else on his staff. That's the agent profit he's cutting so he's the only one who can cut that rate.

The ideal way to get that low, low quote is too go online, fill out just one form and have it emailed to five or six of the hungriest and sharpest local agents in your area. The best thing about this system is that when they receive the quote request they will automatically know that their toughest competition also received the request.

This puts those local agents in a competitive mode, ready to cut rates and do what ever it takes to get your business. When local agents compete for your business, You Win!