Mazda to Test Safety-oriented Vehicle in Public

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Japanese automaker Mazda announced recently that it will be testing the Mazda ASV-4 in public shortly. The said vehicle is designed by the automaker loaded with safety features pursuant to the Japanese government's call for the creation of vehicles which would reduce traffic accidents.

Development of the said car is already on its fourth phase and it will commence on Hiroshima public roads on March 11 this year. Mazda will be working with Mitsubishi Motors Japan and Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. during the public test of the ASV-4.

The fourth phase of the development of the safety car will be focusing on vehicle to vehicle communications. The said Mazda car is equipped with sensors which enables it to communicate with other vehicles similarly equipped with the same sensor. The theory is that even during driving conditions when the drivers will not be able to see another car, the car will be able to detect a vehicle ahead. This principle is designed to reduce traffic accidents on blind curves.

Mazda and the other automakers will be gathering and analyzing data from phase four of the development process. The result of the testing is expected to give Mazda enough information to forge ahead in the development of safety features for vehicles.

According to the automaker, vehicle to vehicle communication will be able to reduce traffic accidents caused by driver error. A misjudgment in distance and speed during turning maneuver could lead to accidents without a sensor on the vehicle warning the driver if a presence of a vehicle is detected.

Mazda plans to conduct tests on two-vehicle blind collision avoidance shortly. Thereafter, the automaker will be testing the right turn and rear end crash avoidance systems. These systems have been designed by the Japanese automaker to immediately alert the driver if a vehicle on potential collision course is detected. Apart from warning the driver, said systems are also designed to take over braking when needed.

The first three phases of testing the vehicles has resulted to Mazda developing a safety feature which warns the driver if a speeding vehicle from the rear. By warning the driver of this, the system reduces the risk of the driver being unaware of a potentially dangerous situation behind him.

Apart from vehicle to vehicle communication, Mazda is also testing road to vehicle communication features. This involves sensors embedded on the road and the vehicles which interact with each other constantly to give the driver an idea of how well the vehicle is moving with respect to the road.

The safety features that Mazda are developing can be expected to come with future Mazda vehicles also equipped with .