How To Get Your Vehicle Ready For A Trip On The Road

by : Levi Quinn

If you're going on a trip and driving your vehicle, keep in mind there are some preliminary things that should be done, especially if you're driving several hundreds of miles. This will help you to escape the problems that arise if you don't get your vehicle checked out beforehand.

Take your vehicle to your mechanic to find out what may need to be done. You should start this at least a month to two months prior to your trip. This is when any major repairs should be taken care of. Having this done a month or two before time gives you a chance to correct any additional issues related to the repair(s).

Make sure your tires are inflated properly and that they have enough pressure. Your tires can blow out while you're driving if they don't have enough pressure in them. Checking the tire treads is important. This is another way your tires can experience a blowout.

The way to check this is to put a penny between the tire's grooves. On the penny, the head of Abraham Lincoln should be pointing downward. If the space above Lincoln's head is visible or you can see the words "In God We Trust", new tires are needed. Your spare tire should be inflated and the tools should be available in the event you'll need to use it.

The vehicle's manual should be in the glove compartment. You will need that in the event the vehicle experiences trouble on the road. If you don't have one, check the manufacturer's website to see if they have one in PDF format. With technology as it is, it wouldn't be surprising if they did. At least you wouldn't have to wait weeks to get a replacement.

Any minor maintenance such as oil changes can be done a week prior to your trip. You should also check your tires again for pressure and tread efficiency. If there are any abnormalities that weren't there before, take it to your mechanic for a look.

You should have a clean air filter in your vehicles. If it's not clean, it will affect your vehicle's mileage and suck up gas. This means you will have to stop for gas more often for your vehicle. You will definitely need to change the filter if it's been in the vehicle over 12,000 miles.

Remove any items from your vehicle that you won't need for the trip. This will give more room to the items that you will need or are planning to take. You should have a clean vehicle before you leave. Take an hour or two to clean and vacuum the inside.

Have a map or if you have a newer vehicle, consider getting a GPS (Global Positioning System). This will help you get to your destination without getting lost. It would be advantageous for you to fill up the tank before you leave. When you get on the road, nine times out of ten, you will pay more for gas outside of your area.

Make sure that you have packed everything you need for your trip. More importantly, make sure you have your toiletries and prescribed medicines. Check through your suitcases and garment bags. It's not good to overload your vehicle with a lot of stuff.

Doing all these things will help you have an enjoyable trip.