Gas Car Hybrids Hydrogen On Demand Fuel Cells

by : Pete Marks

HHO gas cars are making the news and one has to wonder if this type of technology can reduce our dependence on foreign oil. HHO gas car kits are available online and are claiming an increase in gas mileage up to 100%. When you do a little more research it appears that 15 - 40% seems more typical.

You could always purchase a hybrid car but these cars are not cheap costing thousands of dollars.

With oil consumption increasing globally and through 2009 it is expected that consumption in the U.S. should increase about 0.8 percent as younger drivers come on board. As third word countries oil consumption increases it will put a further burden on current supplies. The good news is that current supplies will continue to output more barrels per day and add to the current supply so overall this effect will be that supplies will not continue to get any tighter. It is expected that current oil and gas prices will be somewhat stable through 2009. Even with gasoline prices remaining about the same it still put s burden on many drivers who have a limited budget. This will leave many drivers looking for alternative ways to increase gas mileage or cut back on driving and investigate other methods of improving gas mileage such as HHO gas car kits.

With current government figures showing that about 60% of our crude is imported even a minimal increase in gas mileage of 15% would be enough to tip the scales and reduce foreign oil imports. Couple HHO technology with other hybrid car technologies and it would be very possible to seriously reduce our dependence on foreign oil. It would also have an impact on global warming due to the reductions in emissions.

With gas prices increasing every time you fill up many people are looking for alternatives to save fuel. HHO gas car kits are becoming more popular as an alternative energy source. Many call an HHO cell a hydrogen fuel cell or hydrogen on demand system. HHO gas is converted from water, a catalyst, and electrical current. Water for gas is often the claim. This would be great to take an existing technology to convert your current car to a water burning vehicle.

Water as gas has been known to help keep an engine clean less carbon buildups, better emissions including an increase in horsepower and less trips to the gas pump. Keep in mind though that it is only being use as a supplement that is introduced into the intake manifold and burned along with gasoline or diesel. In many cases HHO gas cars are still considered experimental.

A typical HHO gas hydrogen on demand fuel cell may do well on a small four cylinder engine. As the size of the engine increases in liters it is not uncommon to see kits or experimenters use more cells. I have seen kits for 8 cylinder five liter engines with 4 to 6 HHO fuels cells. In all it also depends on the efficiency of the hydrogen cell on how many may be used.

There are many forums online that focus on the use of HHO gas hybrids and the use of homemade fuel cells. These fuels cells have been installed on cars, truck, motorcycles even lawnmowers. Most HHO or browns gas forums focus on creating more gas from a HHO fuel cell. With as much interest and the buzz online concerning hydrogen on demand systems it is no wonder that homemade HHO gas generators have become popular with do it yourself hobbyists and experimenters. Home made HHO gas car kits can often be manufactured for under a $100 and installed in less than an hour and removed in minutes. These conversions do not require complex modifications.