Best Rates On Automobile Insurance In South Carolina

by : Alexis Jensen

You don't want to drive without automobile insurance in South Carolina. The moment any automobile insurance policy is cancelled or lapses the state of South Carolina is instantly notified. If the vehicle in question is not reinsured within 20 days the state automatically cancels the car's registration and can revoke your driver's license. State troopers may even come to your home and physically remove the license plates from your vehicle.

Getting such a mess straightened out again is time-consuming and very costly.

It makes a lot more sense to simply take a few minutes right now and learn a few easy steps for getting the best rates on your automobile insurance here in South Carolina and avoid the possibility of driving without insurance altogether.

You and your driving style are the biggest determining factor for how much you pay for your automobile insurance. The only way for you to get the very best rates on your automobile insurance is a keep a perfectly clean driving record. This means no speeding tickets - no moving violations of any kind - and certainly no DUIs or DWIs.

If you are married have the wife put on the policy as the primary driver and the husband as the secondary driver. Women pay less for automobile insurance and this will save you money every single month.

If you have a garage keeping your car in the garage at night will earn you a better rate on your insurance.

Reducing the number of miles you drive each month can save you a lot. If you can use public transportation for most of your "driving" needs and you can keep the use of your car down to 500 miles or fewer each month you should be able to save a considerable amount through a Low Mileage Discount.

Likewise, if you can carpool to work your insurance rates may be lower. If you retire or stop driving back and forth to work at all then definitely let your agent know this as it could drop the cost of your insurance considerably.

Drivers 25 and younger can save an easy 5% each month by remaining in school and maintaining a "B" grade average (or better) for their Good Student Discount.

Drivers 55 and older may be entitled to a 10% discount if they take - and pass - a special driver's review course. Not all companies offer this discount so check with your agent.

With each passing year your car loses value. If you decrease the amount of your collision and comprehensive insurance to match the declining value of your vehicle you will also save money. Once the Kelly Blue Book value of your vehicle reaches zero it's time to cancel your comprehensive and collision coverage altogether.

Can you afford to increase your deductible? This is often the quickest way to reduce the cost of your automobile insurance, but keep in mind that the higher your deductible the more cash you need to come up with if you ever have a claim. Don't promise to pay for more than you can actually afford.

Now, using the tips you have gathered from this article it's time to go online and fill out the forms on at least 3 different websites that allow you to compare the cost of automobile insurance from different companies. Just make sure that you fill out the forms the same way on all three websites so you are comparing the same thing each time.

When you have finished with that then you're done. Just grab the lowest price and smile! You've now done everything you can to get the best rates on automobile insurance in South Carolina and you can sleep well at night, knowing that you are saving money month after month.