Used Car Loans: Go for a Bargain and Strike a Better Deal

by : Adam Boulton

Owning an automobile, whether it is a status symbol or a necessity is the dream of every person. When this desire is not fulfilled due to lack of sufficient finance, used car loan provides financial assistance. The lender approves the loan amount irrespective of whether it is for a new or a used car.

Used car loans will be offered on the security of the automobile itself or on any other asset to be keep as collateral. The collateral plays an important role in the approval because an amount in regard to the equity in the asset is approved. The more is the equity, the large is the amount that can be borrowed with low rate of interest.

Unsecured cheap auto loans are best suited to tenants or people who do not place collateral and it carries a higher rate of interest than for secured auto loans. Secured used car loan has the risk of the borrower parting with the asset because default in repayment results in liquidation of the asset but there is no such risk in unsecured used car loan since no asset is involved.

There are two types of interest that the lender offers in the financial market such as banks, financial institutions and other building societies i.e. fixed rate of interest and variable rate of interest.

In fixed rate of interest, the rate does not change due to change in the external factor like base rate, market forces etc. but in variable rate of interest, the rate changes with change in external factors.

While seeking a used car loan, comparison of interest rates with other offers should be made. While doing so, the interest rate alone should not be taken into consideration. Other factors like clause, overhead costs and terms and conditions also carry equal significance.

The main advantage of used car loan is that it makes a person owner of a desired automobile. It has low interest rates due to the competition in the financial market. Loans are offered to both good and bad scorers and have favorable terms and flexible repayment periods.

Used car loan can be availed of online, which is the cheapest of all types of loans. Online mode saves a lot of time and can be applied for whenever the borrower feels it convenient to do so and there is no time limit. Just filling in the application form with some personal and financial details is sufficient and there is no processing fee.

It is also desirable to make high down payment that reduces the interest rates on loans.
The advice of the financial advisor is always advisable before availing used car loan.
Therefore used auto car loans help in buying the desired automobile by offering sufficient funds at competitive rates to the borrowers.