These are Some of the Ways That Can Improve Vehicle Gas Mileage

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

While buying a vehicle, many people tend to pay attention to the more physical aspects like looks and style plus the efficiency, capacity of carrying, fastness and cost of the vehicle. One quality that is now more dominating over all of the above is vehicle gas mileage.

Vehicle gas mileage became an important point for car companies. To drive a vehicle gas is needed. So companies hate the gas companies. Cost of gas is an important issue for the business of the manufacturers. In this way people are becoming more intelligent to make good decision about buying a vehicle. Efficiency of fuel consumption is an virtue to pay attention at.

As the price of gas, fuel and oil is getting higher and higher , we must go for a fuel efficient vehicle. Vehicle gas mileage will cost you less in long distance trips. It will also give you government bonuses and subsidies There are some hybrid fuel efficient vehicles in market. Government is also supporting fuel efficient vehicles by giving them tax breaks. in this way vehicle gas mileage is becoming more popular.

Other point related to vehicle gas mileage is about nature. Taking care of environment is everybody's responsibility. Pollution is one of the serious problems today. Fuel efficient vehicles will solve this problem to some extent. So it is beneficial by both the ways that is in terms of cost and social responsibility. We can't deny that no use of vehicles is best for nature. But it is not possible for everyone. This is a midway for that.

How to reduce vehicle gas mileage?

1. Avoid resting your left foot on the brake while driving.
2. You can save 30% of gas mileage if you do not drive on rough roads.
3. Don't break rules while driving. Drive gradually with constant speed. It will always help you.
4. Choose straight roads while driving. Corners, curves and turns need more gas comparatively.
5. While at crossings and long traffic lights, put your gear at neutral position. Automatic transmission will help to cool down the vehicle. This will help in good vehicle gas mileage.
6. Always go for forward gear when you park car. Avoid reverse gear. It will save gas consumption.
7. Tune-up your vehicle frequently. Regularly clean air filters. This will decrease wastage of gas.
8. It is good to travel on deep tire. Do not use snow tires in nice weather season.
9. When you go out shopping for tires, opt for radial designs. These are best for vehicle gas mileage.
10. Vinyl tops cause air pull. So remove them. Smooth air run around vehicle's body.
11. You can reduce 10% to 20% of gas consumption by use of auto air conditioners. Don't give more loads to your engines. It will result in to better vehicle gas mileage.
12. Do not keep unnecessary weight in the vehicle.
13. Travel monotony and gas expense will reduce by car pool.
You have to inspect suspension and chassis parts for occasional misalignment.