How to Calculate Gas Mileage of your Trip

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

Sometimes you may feel that a road trip is the cheapest way for you to travel but you may be forced to think twice once you do calculate gas mileage of your car. Two calculate gas mileage of your car, you will need to compare two sets of data, one for your car and a starndard set by the AAA Fuel Cost Calculator. If you are thinking of a long tour then you plan many ways to enjoy your trip. However, while going for such a trip you have to consider the current gas prices and when you actually look at the cost then you may think twice before taking such a tour. For this purpose, you should always possess a vehicle that will give you the best mileage that makes the trip enjoyable. Calculate gas mileage of your trip so that you can plan it in a more economical manner.

While purchasing the vehicle you must compare its different features and according to those features, you have to decide among all the selected cars which one is the best buy for you. Therefore, while purchasing the car you must consider the variables such as deprecation rate, interest rate, purchase price, insurance coast, and its MPG ratings.

All these facts will help you in increasing the mileage of your vehicle. To keep the record of your vehicle the foremost thing you should understand is the mileage and you have to keep the track of your cars mileage each and every time so as to maintain the vehicle. For this purpose you need to calculate it, and the calculation of this mileage is so easy that you can calculate that.

Therefore by calculating this gas mileage you can find out how much it coast for driving for one mile. To calculate the gas mileage you can use any gas mileage calculator or you can do it yourself. If you are calculating it yourself then follow the given steps and you will able to calculate the gas mileage.

When you are going to fill up your tank at that time note down your odometer reading or you can make the reading zero for that, just push the knob under the odometer and bring the reading to zero. Now fill up the tank with gas in round figure of tenth because it will be easy to calculate. This must be in gallons. The second step is to go driving until your car runs out of gas. When the whole fuel will be finished then note down the odometer reading again.

Now subtract the fires reading from the new and final reading. Now divide this number with the number of gallons you filled up. The result which has come is your gas mileage. Therefore, according to this number you can come to know whether your vehicle is in a condition to give you a good gas mileage or not. If the mileage you got is less then you estimated then its obvious that your vehicle is not up to the mark and hence you have to take all the necessary the steps to maintain it.