Tips for Better Gas Mileage

by : Muna wa Wanjiru

The rapidly increasing prices of gasoline have made it very important for us to be frugal with the natural resources. Conservation of gas protects our natural resources as well as it helps us to save money. For better gas mileage you need to follow some small but important tips which will add up to the overall saving for your vehicle. A single tip if considered may give you just a little improvement but all of them together may give you better gas mileage as well as good savings.

Drive Vehicle Sensibly: Avoid aggressive driving. Speedy and rash driving, rapid acceleration and irrational use of brakes wastes gas and so all this should be avoided to lower the gas mileage.

Observing Speed Limit: At speeds above 60 mph, usually gas mileage decreases. It is also safer to observe a constant speed limit.

Remove Excess Weight: You should not carry unnecessary heavy loads in your vehicle. Extra weight reduces gas mileage.

Using Cruise Control: Use of cruise control on highways gives better gas mileage by maintaining steady speed of vehicle.

Checking and Replacing Air Filters Regularly: Always check the air filters to see if they are in good condition. Old and clogged air filter should be replaced immediately. Role of air filter is to keep impurities away from the inside of engine of your vehicle. Change these filters on an yearly basis to avail better gas mileage from your vehicle.

Proper Inflation of Tires: Properly inflated tires last longer and make your vehicle run smoother to give a better gas mileage. Proper inflation of tires means filling up them to the proper tire pressure. Inflated tires will definitely reduce gas mileage and even the life of tires is shortened. Over inflated tires cause uneven tire wear and you may even get premature damage to your vehicle. Tires should be checked once in a month and insure their good condition.

Using Clean Engine Oil: You can get better gas mileage by using clean oil as recommended by manufacturer of vehicle. If vehicle struggles to run on old and dirty oil, it consumes more gas. You can improve your car's performance by changing oil regularly after every three to five thousand miles.

Checking Exhaust System: If exhaust system is not in a good condition then there will be a total loss of power. So checking the exhaust system regularly is necessary. There should not be any holes, weak components or leaks in an exhaust system.

Checking of Carburetor: If your car has a carburetor then it should be cleaned for a better gas mileage.

Avoid Idling: Unnecessary idling causes wastage of fuel and pollutes the atmosphere.

Less Use of Air Conditioner: Try to decrease the use of air conditioner because engine uses excess power for air conditioner compressor.

Avoid Driving with Open Windows: At highway speeds you should avoid driving with an open windows or open sunroof. This will cause less drag and hence less fuel consumption.

Choosing Tires: Choose radial tires for your vehicle. It helps you to save fuel up to 2 to 3 percent.