Teen Driving 101

by : Mark Robinson

If you're a parent, you should be wary once your kids start to think of driving. After all, these are the people who will likely get into a very dangerous vehicular accident than adults and even seniors. But it doesn't mean you should stop your kids from doing so. What you can do is to take note of these safety measures about teen driving:

1. Show him how it's done. As they say, the best teacher will always be experience. If you want to teach your kids the right way to driving, then you have to let him experience it with you. When you're going to a mall or traveling on a vacation, allow him to sit beside you. Obey traffic rules and don't go over speed limits. Learn to respect other vehicles and pedestrians. Most of all, avoid talking on the phone.

2. Enroll him in a reputable driving school. There are just some things that you can't possibly teach him. Thus, it's highly ideal if you can enroll your teen to a well-established driving school in your area. Majority of these schools don't only have lectures about how to drive safely and the proper ways to deal with accidents, but they will also experience simulated driving. There shall also be examinations to test their knowledge and readiness in driving their car out on the streets. If you want him to get the most out of his training course, you may pick those schools that also have defense driving training. These are courses wherein facilitators teach students how to deal with harsh weather conditions and vehicular accidents.

3. Avoid letting him drive at night or when in parties. As much as possible, you should put limit in his driving time. Don't let him drive at nighttime, especially when he's out with his friends or attending a party. There's a huge possibility that he's on a drinking booze, and if he is, he'll likely meet an accident, if not, get arrested for DUI. He may also be influenced by his friends to go speed racing, which will surely place your kids in grave danger. It's even ideal that you'll be the one to pick your children after their drinking session, to ensure that no one gets to drive a vehicle drunk. Definitely, your teen will understand this setup if you can just be objective and open about it.

4. Let him drive. He will never learn unless he drives. Thus, permit him to drive the car, while an expert, perhaps you, sits beside him. This way, he'll be conscious with his driving ways. You can also provide him feedback, which he definitely needs from time to time. You can both look for a place where there are less or even no vehicles around, so all of the road will be yours.

5. Always remind him to wear his seatbelts. Majority of the injuries happen because drivers are not wearing their seatbelts. Your children may not fully understand why you have to keep on repeating things to them, but if it's the only way to make sure that he stays safe, then do it.