Diesel Demand to Increase

by : Anthony Fontanelle

With the increasing demand for green vehicles, American and Japanese automakers have been developing gas-electric hybrid vehicles. European automakers on the other hand like Volkswagen, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz have been developing cleaner diesel engines. These automakers can expect a big boost in demand according to a report published by J.D. Power and Associates.

The Auto Channel reported that the demand for light vehicle equipped with diesel engines is expected to increase in Eastern Europe, Asia, and North America. According to the report, the demand in those regions is expected outpace the demand in Western Europe. The research projects the early part of the next decade before the demand in the three regions surpass the demand in Western Europe.

Al Bedwell, senior manager at J.D. Power Automotive Forecasting said that Western Europe is the most important market for diesel vehicles today. "In the short term, it will continue to be Europe - primarily Western Europe - that will provide almost one-half of the growth in demand for diesel light vehicles globally," said Bedwell.

"While this remains a very significant portion, it is worth bearing in mind that average growth in Europe during the past four years was 62 percent. We are now entering a period when Europe will become less critical as a driver of growth in global diesel light-vehicle demand. In terms of absolute demand, however, Europe will still remain the most dominant region throughout the next decade," he continued.

In the past, diesel vehicles have been shunned in North America. The diesel engines of the 70s ruined the reputation of diesel engines in general. With its loud operating noise, and black soot for emission, Americans have stayed away from diesel engines. But with diesel significantly less expensive than gasoline and cleaner diesel engine now available, Americans are expected to change their view of these engines which can work will with standard auto parts like .

The report by J.D. Power and Associates said that major automakers are already planning of mass producing diesel powered vehicles in the United States. Volkswagen is the leading European car manufacturers when it comes to promoting the use and advantages of new generation diesel engines. Audi is also helping the cause with its diesel powered race car which has competed and will again compete at the American Le Mans Series.

In Asia, the report stated that China and Japan, the two biggest Asian auto markets only has limited diesel powered cars offered. With more powerful and more fuel efficient diesel engines, it can be expected that said engines will be offered in the Chinese and Japanese auto markets.