Auto Loans After Bankruptcy

by : Churchill M. Davenport

So many times when we are young, we fail to see the importance of paying bills on time. I was one such youth who fell into this dangerous trap. After many years of making delinquent payments to my credit cards, thinking it would not matter; I ended up with BAD CREDIT and had to file for bankruptcy. While the bankruptcy helped clear me of my credit card debt, it made it almost impossible.

My friend mentioned to me that he had seen some ads on the internet for companies that specialize in helping people with bad credit and bankruptcy get approved for auto loans. I figured they would be scams, or some kind of ploy to get you to fill out 15 "offers" like the ones to win a "free xbox". What could it hurt to try?

So I decided to do some research online for any possibilities of getting a car loan with a bankruptcy. I search on Google for "bankrupctcy car loans" in the hopes that I might find some website, some "godsend" that would tell me,

"I don't care that you are a lazy schmuck who forgets to pay your bills on time, go ahead take my money your good for it"

I pressed enter, and waited patiently as my "super fast" DSL broad-band sputtered anemically through the cacophonous virtual forests of fiber optics and PVC pipe lines. Finally, a list appears on my 17'' flat screen with various promises, keywords, and "too long" spam infested domain names that no legitimate company would EVER employ.

I looked at the top. Ads, paid spaces reserved for large budgets and robotic bureaucracies teaming with gum snapping secretaries waiting with baited breath to place you on hold and inexplicably hang up on you.

I needed more.

I scroll down a couple spaces, the "free" listings; surely these listings would be wholesome and pure, free of pop-ups and various scammeries. "" I click. A page opens. Confusion envelops my senses. My eyes dart frantically around the page looking for an answer but the more I read, the more confused I become, the deeper the rabbit hole pulls me. Surely I wont easily be able to click away from the page, as there are probably dozens of pop overs, 'unders' and everything in between just waiting for me to make my move to the exit before pouncing on me.

I click "back".

I am safe. Back to the so called "Organic" Listings of Google. I laugh to myself. "Organic" "Natural" Phrases like these are frequently tossed around as if they accurately depict something spit out by one of the most complicated computer algorithms known to man.

next link ""

Seemed simple enough, and after escaping BankRate's delusions of user friendliness, figured this couldn't be much worse.

The page was simple and offered "after bankruptcy car loans" just as I had searched for. After filling out a short online application, I was well on my way to getting a car loan even though I had filed for bankruptcy.