Canadian Electric Car Company Frustrated

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The increasing price of petroleum fuel and the increasing threat of global warming had consumers thinking about purchasing green vehicles such as hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles produced by small car companies like ZAP. In Canada, the Zenn electric car is a good choice for consumers looking to own an electric car for their urban traveling needs. Unfortunately though, even with the Zenn electric car already available in the United States, it is still not permitted for use in any Canadian province.

Ian Clifford, Chief Executive Officer of the Zenn Motor Company, is exasperated with the fact that even with approval from Transport Canada, provinces are still not deciding whether to approve the sale of the Zenn car. "Your biggest carbon footprint as an individual is probably the car you drive," said Clifford in an interview with The Canadian Press. Clifford is pointing out that legislations should be passed that would allow consumers to have the chance to do their own part in cleaning the environment.

Clifford even went as far as saying: "Every time I go to the gas station, I want to choke," he said, his voice full of frustration." According to the CEO, he started thinking about creating an electric vehicle after being stuck in traffic in Toronto in his SUV.

Currently, the Zenn electric car is being sold between US$ 12,000 and $15,000. It has been approved for sale and use in 45 out of 50 States. Today, these 45 States are the primary destinations of the Zenn car. The Zenn, which stands for zero emission and no noise, does not have a retail price in Canadian dollar as the company still awaits approval. This is despite the fact that it has been given the National Safety Mark by Transport Canada.

According to The Canadian Press, British Columbia is said to be planning to approve the sale and use of the Zenn electric car by next year. For now though, a lot of people are exasperated with the slow actions by the people involved in the approval of the electric car. "It's an absurdity, to be honest, that we cannot sell this in Canada. We are a Canadian company and this just adds insult to injury, if you will," said Clifford.

The Zenn car has been given a lot of positive reviews. Al Cornier, the executive director of Electric Mobility Canada, had this to say about the Zenn car: "It's the end of cheap oil. As the price of oil goes through the roof, this makes more and more sense."

The Zenn electric car is sure to help Canadian motorists save up on their gas consumption. The vehicle also uses auto parts like which can be found on online stores.