The New Honda Civic Type-r

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Honda Motor Corp., the world's second largest Japanese automobile and motorcycle manufacturer, presents the new Honda Civic Type-R. The Type-R philosophy will be shaking the European-dominated "hot hatch" sector, as the company continues to provide more than just cars loaded with quality parts like the . The sporty concept targets to attract the young and active crowd.

The new Honda Civic Type-R looks far from its Civic four-door siblings. It comes with a bonnet line that flows from the steep sloping front window. There is also a rounded backside that has been adorned with a rear boot fin. The clean lines were designed to help the wind dynamics of the vehicle, though it may hamper the driver's rear vision.

The Type-R philosophy was mainly focused on delivering a driving experience comparable with ones in racing cars. It is intends to make the driver part of the machine through providing high levels of feedback from the vehicle, including sound, steering response and handling.

Aside from being fast, Type-R vehicles offer excellent performance in gear changing, braking, steering and handling. They were designed to provide authentic driving experience, which won't be affected by driving assisting systems or other features like the sound proofing that could diminish the driving involvement. For such reason, the Type-R Honda will not be sustained with luxury equipment, such as sat-nav, hands-free telephones or leather interior. Instead, it will only get the features that will make it look and feel more like a racing car.

The new Honda Civic Type-R will be powered by a 2.0 L DOHC i-VTEC engine that has 148 kW of power and 193 Nm of torque.

The interior looks more like the main control room of a spaceship. The double layered dashboard comes with strategically placed red illuminated dials that sweeps around either side of the steering wheel. There are also red start button, digital speedometer and large dial in the center with tacho on the perimeter and other meaningful info glowing red - creating a futuristic feel.

The coupe concept gets decent cabin spacing. It provides a high degree of convenience, flexibility and passenger accommodation. The Civic Type-R has been equipped with Honda's "magic seat" system that allows the rear seats to be folded - creating a full flat rear cargo floor - eventually increasing the usable boot space from 485 liters to 1,352 liters.

Overall, the Civic Type-R is masterpiece for involvement and a win over an 8,000 r.p.m. redline. It is an impressive package loaded with character and keenly priced for $39,990. Unlike most of the Honda vehicles imported to Australia, the new car will not be delivered from Thailand, but from Honda's UK plant in Swindon.