Acura Rl Redesigned for 2008

by : Evander Klum

Acura, the performance brand of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company, will be giving the RL (its flagship sedan) an extreme makeover for next year.

In 2005, the Acura RL was introduced and featured with the world's most advanced all-wheel drive system known as Super-Handling All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD). The system has the ability to torque vector - individually controlling the power distribution to the rear wheels. It takes away and adds power left and right, as necessary to cure understeer and optimize handling. Almost on its third year, many of the RL's competitors have offered all wheel drive system. They have developed similar technology for their own vehicles.

The SH-AWD is in fact the most advanced road car Honda has created. It offers more power, compared with the mid-engine NSX supercar as well as collision mitigation technology. It also comes with a pyrotechnic-loaded hood that pops up to facilitate in minimizing pedestrian injuries.

Despite having impressive and advanced features, the RL doesn't seem to make the cut. Its sales have barely improved through the years. Japanese Buick said that the new model seems incapable of gaining the interest of the public even if it has the features and the technology that buyers want.

Honda is now in the process of formulating a rescue mission for the RL through a huge makeover. Since the current vehicle is said to be bland, styling would be a good issue to point out. The new car is presumably inspired by some of the wild Acura concept vehicles that were displayed on the North American auto show circuit. The new RL is expected to have a new nose and tail, along with an enlarged rear legroom and trunk space.

RL has been weak with regards to the powertrain. It was and could be powered by only the 3.5 L V6 engine along with an automatic gearbox. There were even no additional options for the SH-AWD. Acura might have realized the need to provide choice in order to successfully compete against its rivals in the segment. That might be the reason why it will be offering standard two-wheel drive (either front or rear wheel drive) and optional all-wheel drive for the new RL. Some have speculated that the new RL will have a six-cylinder engine in the 300 hp range and a much more powerful V8 engine, as well as better and other essential parts to enhance the vehicle's performance.

As present, Acura is still working on the optimization of some spots to create a better RL for 2008.