What Rangers are Made of

by : Glady Reign

Since the birth of the Ford Ranger in the 1980s, its reliability has become a benchmark for all compact pickup trucks. As a matter of fact, it was the best-selling compact pickup truck in the entire America from 1987 up to 2004. When Ford developed the Ranger, the goal was to create a new truck that was as capable as the full-size F-Series, but in a more economical package. Thus it shared the same styling and architecture packaged in a four-wheel drive. A common standard for trucks is the ability to haul a 4 ft-wide sheet of plywood. Although the space between the wheel wells in the Ranger was less than four feet, Ford ensured that the box's design would still allow the hauling of the standard plywood sheet. By 1998, Ford even came up with an electric version of the Ford Ranger aptly named the Ford Ranger EV or Electric Ranger. It was able to survive almost three years in the market, until its production finally ceased. As Ford decided to invest in the Ford Explorer SUV which was more advanced than the Ranger, the sales of the latter dropped. The Ford Taurus suffered the same fate when two new nameplates emerged. Since then, all of its competitors ranging from the Dodge Dakota to the Toyota Tacoma have undergone a number of redesigns. They were enlarged for the mid-size market, with the Dakota featuring a V8 engine. This ultimately left the Ranger and its twin-automobile, the Mazda B-Series, the only compact trucks in the market.

Up to this day, the four generations of genuine Ford mastery has made it possible for the drivers to invest in a compact pickup truck that will carry on through generations of Ford loyalty. Complete in all its glory, the Ford Ranger still continues to dominate the pickup truck scene. Likewise, the and accessories incessantly provide all the trucking needs of the people. With its off-road capacities similar to an off-road vehicle's, the Ranger was able to cultivate the Ford Ranger parts and the Ford Ranger parts accessories well enough for the satisfaction of the real truck driver. From the creation of the first Ford Ranger to the day that the last Ford Ranger rolled out of the Ford factory, it will remain to be the epitome of what a road ranger should be made of---powerful performance and stylish impression, just like the Ford Ranger parts and accessories.