The Legend Lives on With Dodge Truck Parts

by : Glady Reign

Dodge typically connotes large and powerful trucks. Although the company also offers other vehicle types such as sedans that are as muscular and powerful, its trucks still remain the most availed of product from the company. The recent figures show that 78% of the brand's total sales come from its vans and trucks. Today, the brand is attempting to draw an even larger range of clients as it introduces numerous car models to the market. Meanwhile, it continues to improve the renowned quality of every Dodge truck parts assembly to keep the reputation that have made the company famous among truck enthusiasts.

After the company began in 1901 as Dodge Brothers Bicycle and Machine Factory, it collaborated with the Ford Motor Company as a supplier of nearly all of its running gears. It was only in 1913 that the brothers chose to build up their own company and began to manufacture their own brand of automobile. In those early days, the company was able to produce a number of products that were crucial to the development of some components for the early automobiles. During the First World War, the company assembled the first Dodge truck parts into the military rovers which were first used by the United States army and later on commercially sold after the war.

Even with the numerous automobile manufacturers nowadays, Dodge has handled to stay on top. This tight competition itself in the automotive industry became one of the company's driving force in giving remarkable efforts and coming up with innovative solutions to ever-increasing consumer demands for cutting-edge . The new Dodge Dakota spells the company's achievement clearly. Being the largest pickup in the mid-size category, it has the best towing capacity in its class. The company has even taken the important cause of environmental protection as it now offers an engine that is fuel-flex capable. This and many other impressive advanced features like the one-touch lane-change signaling and the power accessory delay are integrated into the new Dodge trucks as seamless as their renowned treading capacity on rocky terrains.