Buying From A Dealer

by : Ken Schulte

Buying a new or used car from a car dealership can be a daunting task. The Internet has made researching a car even easier than it was five years ago. There is a lot of good information out there and most buyers are more informed when walking into a dealer to buy a new or even a used car. Research is key. Knowing what sites to look at is also very important. Consumer Reports rates cars in a very stringent and efficient manner. If you follow their recommendations chances of you buying a reliable car are very high. Reliability is more important than looks or even price. Which car you buy now determines how much you spend keeping it up in the future.

Buying New

Knowing what the dealer pays is the first step in knowing what you can expect to pay. The smart guy wins in any negotiation. There is plenty of information out there that can tell you what the dealer pays from the manufacturer for the car. They will then tack on a lot of other pricing that brings it up to the Manufactures Recommended Sticker Price. They should really call it the dealers recommended sticker price, since this the price they would hope you will pay.

I always print out the vehicles that I have found and the price that is in print. Not too much can be argued with when you have it in writing. Also be respectful. Today's salesmen are not the typical stereo types of the past. Although they will take your money, most of them know that they have to retain a good reputation since they most likely live in your town. Don't be afraid to haggle and never take the first offer.

Buying used

The same research information advice for buying new cars applies for buying used. Always check the vin numbers of cars that your thinking about purchasing. It is very wise to get a car facts report to see if the vehicle has had any damage in the past. Dealers allow people to trade in older vehicles for new ones. They don't give you the "best" price since they need to mark it up for profit. This is the area where you can negotiate. Used car sales are not the bread and butter of new car dealerships, so haggle.


Know what you want before you step one foot on the property. Pick out the model and make and even the color you like before visiting the dealer. You should already know exactly what you want before you ever step into the showroom. The only real reason to visit is to test drive the vehicle and do the paperwork. A salesman has a job to do, and that job is to not let you leave if he can sell you a car. Remember, it's your money. Also figure out in advance how you want to finance the car. If you want to buy one with a promotion, make sure you know what your bank will finance and at what rate so that you can compare. The last part of the deal is trying to get you to buy add on services and products. Just know that is part of the game up front and be ready. Certain items are designed to play on the impulse purchase mentality.

If you do the research, then buying from the dealer is just a game. Play the game well and you will come out with a good deal. Use the Internet and all that it has to offer for research and you will be an excellent player.