The Seven Traits Needed To Become A Leader In Network Marketing

by : Terry Stewart

Do you ever wonder what character traits are needed to become a successful leader in network marketing. Network marketing is a very hard business to do it is not a get rich vehicle. This industry needs a certain type of person to be successful.

To build a down line which can earn you a residual income you need to become a leader who leads by example so your organisation duplicates you. You Need seven traits:

  • Drive
  • Persistence
  • Teachability
  • Thick Skin
  • Positive Attitude
  • Compassion
  • Vision

As the leader of your organisation you need to have drive. Drive for yourself so that your group can see and feel your drive and they will follow in your Footsteps. Imagine that you have two children a large mortgage to pay and not a lot of income coming in. Circumstance like that will give you the drive to Succeed through the bad times.

You also need to have persistence a good leader knows that you need to keep going . All to often people stop just as they are about to get some where they stop one yard in front of the finishing line. A true successful marketer will keep on until they achieve their goals.

You must be teachable only then can you rise up and become a leader. How Can you lead if you do not know what it takes to be a leader. You can not you run before you can walk, so if you don’t know what it takes to lead how can advise your organisation.

As I said previously network marketing is a hard business. So you need to Develop a thick skin to see you through to achieve your goals. There will be people out there who will criticise and knock you every turn you make. No one has ever attained success without first enduring a withering hail of criticism from friend and foe alike.

Another important trait to have is a positive attitude, When you are seen with a positive attitude it spreads through your organisation. You cannot have encourage Others If your thinking is pessimistic and downbeat. Positive thinking is essential for a leader.

It is very easy for leaders to fall into the trap of thinking people in their downline as Just tools or instruments to do with as they will. They would motivate the group far better by Showing some compassion. Compassion is the another trait needed for leaders in networking marketing. People tend to react better when shown a little encouragement as opposed to being relentlessly driven.

To get all your organisation pointing in the same direction at once you need to have a vision which can be shared by the whole group. The key to having a vision is to get your whole group believing in it and pulling in the same direction.

So you see the seven traits when all used in conjunction can help you become a successful Leader and in turn your organisation will duplicate you. The benefit of this is obvious to See you will get other leaders in your group, your group will become self sufficient and you will have residual income for ever.

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Copyright ? 2004 Terry Stewart