Super Adjectives Boost the Power of Your Copy

by : Karon Thackston

Pretty or elegant? Good or scrumptious? Nice or delightful? There is power in the adjectives you choose. Just like Clark Kent and Superman or Bruce Wayne and Batman, some adjectives are plain, ordinary, everyday words. Others are alter-ego Super Adjectives that leap into your customers’ minds in a single bound. Adjectives are boring, but Super Adjectives impress, inspire, and convince your customers more effectively.

Look at these examples to see what I mean:

Before & After (Example 1)
See the difference? The latter paints a more vivid picture of the tank top than the former.

  • Before
    Great Top for Hot Summer Days
    When it’s hot outside, this top will help keep you cool. Made of cool nylon, you’ll love how it sheds moisture. Available in four pastel colors.
  • After
    Perfect Tank Top for Hot Summer Days
    When the temperatures are steamy outside, this tank will help keep you remarkably cool. Made of breathable 100% nylon, you’ll love how it sheds moisture. Available in four spring-fresh colors.

Before & After (Example 2)

  • Before
    The Prestige Collection is a unique selection of ceiling fans available at Hastings Home Center. The Prestige Collection offers all the quality craftsmanship, and dependable performance, you expect from Hastings along with styles so pretty they take ceiling fans to the next level – and dress your home for any occasion.
  • After
    The Prestige Collection is a distinctive selection of elegantly designed ceiling fans available exclusively at Hastings Home Center. The Prestige Collection offers all the expert craftsmanship, and whisper-quiet performance, you expect from Hastings. In addition, you get styles so stunning they take ceiling fans to the next level – and exceptionally dress your home for any occasion.

Compelling Adjectives Makes the difference
Why are the “afters” so much more powerful than the “befores”? Because compelling adjectives were used.

Adjectives let the reader know more about the product and develop a connection with it. But boring ordinary adjectives aren’t the answer. You need Super Adjectives to entice your readers. For example, 

  • instead of just “cool nylon,” we say “breathable nylon.”
  • The colors aren’t just “pastel colors,” they are “spring-fresh” colors.
  • Instead of “a unique selection,” we say “a distinctive selection.”
  • Rather than “quality craftsmanship,” it’s “expert craftsmanship.”
  • Not just “dependable performance,” but “whisper-quiet performance.”

When you read that, you begin to envision the colors, the expert craftmanship, the whisper-quiet performance. These are compelling adjectives a.k.a super adjectives.

Where do you find these Super Adjectives?
Here’s a short list. 

Adjectives vs. Super Adjectives

  • Appealing – attractive, alluring, fascinating
  • Best – excellent, unsurpassed, paramount
  • Cool – trendy, fashionable, hip
  • Different – unusual, exclusive, special
  • Easy – effortless, trouble-free, user-friendly
  • Fabulous – tremendous, magnificent, remarkable
  • Handy – functional, ideal, well-suited
  • Improved – enhanced, superior, refined
  • Leading – first-rate, top-notch, supreme
  • Mouthwatering – tasty, savory, succulent
  • New – innovative, fresh, inventive
  • Powerful – forceful, persuasive, compelling
  • Reliable – dependable, steadfast, trustworthy
  • Safe – secure, fully guarded, guaranteed
  • Unique – distinctive, rare, matchless
  • Vivid – vibrant, brilliant, stunning
  • Wonderful – magnificent, amazing, astonishing 

Take some time to go beyond the ordinary. Find a few Super Adjectives to use in your copy in order to boost excitement and interest in the products/services you write about. That added attention with Super Adjectives bring can easily correlate to additional sales.