Can You Really Get A True Sports Car In A Hybrid

by : Gregg Hall

Everyone has a different desire for the type of car that he or she wants. Some people are concerned solely on the price and making sure that they save the most amount of money. They do not care what the car looks like or how it drives as long as it has the lowest possible effect on their pocketbook. On the flipside of this group of individuals are people who are interested in sports cars. These individuals have to spend a great deal of money when buying a car as well as consistently throughout the life of the car on upkeep and on gas. Sports cars are not known for having great gas mileage because of the importance of the maximum efficiency of the engine.

Individuals who are interested in sports cars or speed in general often have not looked at hybrid cars in the past. Due to the way that the hybrid engine is created, there usually was not much speed due to the small engine. These cars often were also designed for regional driving because you had to worry about recharging an electric battery or for other factors associated with owning a hybrid vehicle. The hybrid car has just not met what these particular individuals want within the market.

The hybrid car market has finally caught up with the individuals who need the speed. It has taken some time but the hybrid market has developed sports cars with the same features in place so that you are able to save fuel while not sacrificing on performance. One of the best examples of a hybrid sports car this time is the Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept-E. With this particular concept car, there is an electric motor which works in line with a gasoline engine. It has a 3.8 L V-6 while offering 270 hp. This is only one example of a hybrid sports car and manufacturers are starting to develop more and more concepts. There is not quite the choice of selections as you see with normal hybrid cars at this time but the mainstream hybrid sports car is coming within the near future.

In the higher end of the market the new automaker, Tesla Motors has come out with a totally electric car that runs on laptop batteries and has a 0-60 time comparable to high performance gas engine cars.

Within the next couple of years, you will see that you are able to make a difference on the environment and with your pocketbook while not giving up on the performance you would like in a vehicle. This will allow you to combine both speed along with the fuel saving sensibility of hybrid all at the same time.