Worlds Top 10 Fuel Efficient Cars

by : Arthur Raise

The world is worried about depleting fuel reserves. Research is on the fast track to find alternative fuel. People need transportation which means increased consumption of fuel. With economy booming in many nations more and more people are buying cars.

In 2007 the US car buyer is making fuel efficacy a prime concern when buying a car. Cars are ranked as fuel efficient based on the Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) miles per gallon ratings. The basis is 55 % of city mpg rating and 45% of highway mpg rating. Cars are now available in gas, electric, and hybrid versions apart from petrol or diesel run cars.

Here is a look at fuel efficient cars as listed by :

1.Toyota Prius: ratio of 60/51 mpg. The hybrid version is the most fuel efficient vehicle in the US market.
2.Honda civic Hybrid 49/51 mpg. This is a perrineal favorite.
3.Toyota Camry Hybrid 40/38mpg.
4.Toyota Yaris 34/40 mpg. Gives pleasant handling.
5.Honda Fit 33/38 mpg .
6.Toyota Corolla 32/41mpg. Is one of the most fuel efficient.
7.Mini Cooper 32/40 mpg.
8.Hyundai Acccent /Kia Rio 32/35mpg . This is a great buy in economy range of cars.
9.Honda Civic 30/40 mpg.
10.Nissan Versa 30/36 mpg. It's the best in its category.

Another top ten list that is dependable is at where he has considered fuel efficiency along with comfort and driving pleasure. According to Aaron Gold, the cars to consider overall are:

1.Toyota Prius 60/51 mpg.
2.Honda Civic Hybrid 46/51mpg.
3.Volkswagen Golf 38/46 mpg.
4.Mini Cooper 28/37 mpg.
5.Hyundai Elantra 27/34 mpg.
6.Ford Focus Station Wagon 26/34 mpg.
7.Honda Accord 26/34 mpg.
8.Nissan Altima 24/31 mpg.
9.Chevrolet Malibu MAXX 22/30 mpg.
10.Buick Le Sabre 20/29mpg.

When buying a car you need to consider several aspects:

&bull Environmental friendliness.
&bullPersonal preferences.
&bullAvailability of parts and cost of parts.
&bullInsurance costs.
&bullRoad tax.

While expert advice is important you must think about where you stay, where the nearest dealer is located, and whether the car can adapt to the weather conditions in your region. Never buy a car blindly always find out how suitable the car is for you and your family. Think resale too!

Use the expert advice available on online auto retail websites to find out all the information you need about cars. Always comparison shop for a car and car loan, get the best deal possible and enjoy many miles of pleasant tension free driving.