Mitsubishi Names 25th Anniversary Dealerships

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi may not be as successful as it is today like some of its fellow Japanese automakers but its influence in the United States auto market is undeniable. Recently, the automaker, which has given American performance enthusiasts with cars such as the Evo and the Eclipse, named ten dealers who have been selling Mitsubishi cars and trucks in the United States in 25 years. These dealerships have become the automaker's anchor in the United States auto market.

Mitsubishi Motors President and Chief Executive Officer Hiroshi Harunari will be presenting a special award to each of the ten dealerships which have been with the Japanese automaker for a quarter of a century. This celebration of the automaker's 25th year of doing business in the United States started last Friday with Mr. Harunari visiting the Auburn Valley Mitsubishi dealership in Washington State. The said dealership sold the first Mitsubishi-badged vehicle in the United States.

"We honor the commitment and loyalty to the Mitsubishi brand over the past 25 years of these pioneers in the Mitsubishi Motors family," commented Mr. Harunari. "Starting with the sale of the first Mighty Max, Cordia and Tredia models to today's Eclipse, Galant, Lancer, Endeavor, Outlander and Raider sales, the dedication of our dealers is what drives our continued success."

With the auto market getting more and more competitive, automakers are counting on their dealerships to go that extra mile with respect to giving their consumers better service. Although automakers design vehicles aimed at car buyers and has the proper advertisements in place, it is the dealership people who has a contact with consumers. For an automaker to achieve success and gain a wide buyer base, its dealerships should be able to handle relationships with customers well. Even if automakers produce reliable components such as an , it would be the job of dealerships to highlight these strong selling points to customers.

As part of the celebration of the 25-year milestone, Mitsubishi asked its ten 25-year old dealerships what their special memories are. William Lehman, the owner of William Lehman Mitsubishi in North Miami, Florida said that he delivered his first Mitsubishi vehicle to a college student. The student though does not know how to drive a manual. Lehman then taught the student how to drive the Mitsubishi. He said that after 25 years, that customer is still loyal to the dealership.

Ramsay Gillman of Gillman Mitsubishi South in Houston, Texas noted the changing times. He said that back then the dealership sells Tredia, Cordia and Starion, 2WD and 4WD Mighty Max trucks. One year after opening the dealership, they sold 70 units a month and they hand-wrote their financial statements.

Buzzy Cohn of Rockville Mitsubishi in Maryland said that his proudest moment as a dealer is the time he was given the President's Award given to him in Japan. He also said that one of his most memorable moments with Mitsubishi was the first time that he was given a speeding ticket the first time that he drove a Mitsubishi. Aside from these stories, other dealers are also appreciative of the Japanese automaker.