How Japanese Automakers Are Keeping The Big Three On Their Toes

by : Gregg Hall

There is a great deal of talk today about the impact that developed countries are having upon the world and the consensus is that it is not a positive impact. Developed countries have a large production of greenhouse gases due to factory production as well as what we consume in our everyday lives. There has been talk within many different sectors of the government and the public about how people need to try and make a difference in whatever way they can. With this in mind, hybrids have come to be seen as more and more popular so that people can both save money and make an impact in their own way on the greenhouse gases within the country they live in.

Toyota and Honda led the revolution in the development of hybrid cars and more and more car manufacturers are joining the search. There are more and more kinds of cars being developed within the hybrid market such as hybrid sports cars and hybrid SUVs. This allows anyone who wants a new vehicle to be able to buy a hybrid while not sacrificing on what they are looking for in a new vehicle.

To give you an idea of some of the developments in the 2007 hybrids, Toyota has created a Camry hybrid. This is the third of their hybrid vehicles and purchasing the Camry hybrid will not force you to skimp on performance in any matter. You receive a six cylinder engine with the fuel savings in place of a four-cylinder engine. Not to be outdone though, Honda has also made sure that it has both its hybrid Civic as well as its hybrid Accord. Both of these hybrids give you more fuel savings while giving you all the amenities you expect from a Honda car. The Accord hybrid gives a V-6 engine with 253 hp. The Civic hybrid was developed to such a great degree that it received the Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission vehicle rating.

For those of you not familiar with what this means, if you own the Civic hybrid, you will not increase the number of air pollutants when you are out driving. You are having a neutral impact upon the environment while continuing to live your daily life. Not to be outdone, General Motors has also made sure to create a strong hybrid vehicle, the Aura hybrid. This was created to be in direct competition with the Toyota Camry hybrid and the Honda Accord hybrid. It also has a V-6 engine and it and it has been said that you will save 20% more fuel over the gasoline powered equivalent general General Motors vehicle.

Hopefully that is giving you an idea of some of the developments with in the hybrid car market. More and more attention is being placed upon this particular segment of the market so more and more car offerings are being created by the manufacturers to hit this great business opportunity.