Effective Oxygen Sensor for Better Engine Performance

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Vehicles continue to pile up the roads today, contributing to congestion in the cities. Worse, a large amount of car emissions go to the atmosphere, adding significantly to the present air polution problem. Reports also say that fifty percent of Americans live in areas where air pollution level exceeds the limit set by national clean air standards. In view of this problem, automotive experts have painstakingly sought feasible measures and solutions. Car manufacturers like Mazda have also taken efforts to produce innovative car parts that could help preserve the environment.One example is the oxygen sensor.

How does an oxygen sensor work? Gasoline engines run best when the air-fuel mixture is correct. The air-fuel mixture must be controlled to reduce exhaust pollutant emissions and boost engine performance. A typical oxygen sensor detects the engine's air-fuel mixture and 'reports' this to the powertrain control module, which in turn, uses the information analyze fuel delivery to the engine. For instance, when a Mazda engine runs lean in oxygen, the alerts the powertrain control module, which then reacts by increasing the air/fuel mixture of the engine.

Mazda oxygen sensors are usually divided into two types: zirconia (the most common) and titania. The first one uses the zirconia element to produce voltage, while the second one utilizes electrical resistance to generate the same voltage.

The Mazda oxygen sensor, though made from high quality materials, eventually needs to be replaced. Failing an emissions test is a sure sign of it. Other symptoms of faulty Mazda oxygen sensors include poor gas mileage, foul exhaust smell, and poor acceleration. When these occur, it is best to have the sensor checked out immediately by a professional technician. Ignoring these warning signs can cause more expensive damage to the car. Passing the emission test will be a breeze once a vehicle is equipped with an efficient oxygen sensor. More importantly, a car equipped with a tip-top oxygen sensor would definitely contribute to a cleaner environment.