Mazda 626 - Mazda 6s Best-selling Predecessor

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Before the phenomenal Mazda 6 took the global mid-size car scene by storm, there was Mazda 626, a large family sedan produced by the Japanese carmaker from 1979 until 2002. Mazda 626 was based on the 616/618 and RX-2 platforms. Through cooperative efforts with Ford, the number of 626 sold units managed to reach more than 4.3 million worldwide before Mazda 6 took over the cudgels in 2002. Known domestically in Japan as Capella, the 626 invaded the Asian, Australasian, and Southern African market carrying the name Ford Telstar. In the US, Mazda 626 had its first run in 1979. The 626's were built at the Flat Rock, Michigan factory by the partnership of Mazda and Ford. Ten years later, Mazda 626 became the first Japanese-bred automobile certified by the US government as a domestic car. Nine years ago, it underwent a number of modifications that resulted to a sportier appearance for the model. With performance in mind, the designers also tweaked the suspension and exhaust system so the resulting car was well equipped to afford exceptional performance on both fronts.

The last Mazda 626 generation to be manufactured featured larger interiors and more powerful drivetrain than the earlier models. Perhaps one of the best selling Mazda vehicles ever, the mid-sized sedan has been relying heavily on its dependable set of to deliver the goods. If the Mazda 626 parts were designed and constructed as they were, the car model would not have lasted for 23 years. However, despite Mazda 626's claim to fame and performance, there is no such thing as a perfect car. Even luxury cars and mid-sized saloons, such as the 626, are prone to breakdown. Thus, requiring the need for proper maintenance and regular repairs. Before being assembled, each Mazda 626 part underwent a series of tests to ensure that it reaches different standards of quality and safety. For the queue of discriminating minds behind the Mazda 626, these tests are not enough though. And in a continued effort to ensure passenger safety, the 626 has been subjected to quite a number of real runs outside the confines of its manufacturing plants and showrooms and off on the actual road. This is where Mazda 626 and Mazda 626 parts have, time and again, been put to trial until they succeed in proving their mettle.

Mazda has been known for making affordable, reliable and excellent quality vehicles. A striking example is Mazda 626, which, despite having ceased production, remains one of the best mid-sized cars running today.