Audi Key Parts - Brake Hose and Clutch

by : Anthony Fontanelle

As a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group since 1964, Audi has been widely recognized for its production of elite and luxury cars. The German-based automobile manufacturer has proven the company's worth over and over again by producing cars that have, time and again, turned into commercially successful vehicles. Since Audi vehicles incorporate car parts made only from quality materials, Audi cars last longer, perform greater and look better than a great many cars in the market. One reason for this is how the company believes that each and every part able to enhance the performance of their car models should all be given equal attention. In this case, two such engine parts that must not be forgotten are the Audi Brake Hose and Audi Clutch.

The Audi Brake Hose is the part that connects the master cylinder to the car's wheels together with the brake lines. The brake hose is made of specially constructed flexible tubes that come with metal ends. It is principally responsible for the transmission of fluid. Transmission occurs under conditions of great pressure. The whole of the hydraulic system is filled with a unique brake fluid which is pushed through the a number of by the movement of the pistons. Aside from this function, an Audi Brake Hose ensures that the high-pressure hydraulic fluid passes through the brake calipers. This is a sensitive process as the brake fluid must never leak out from the Audi Brake Hose. Another thing that the Audi Brake Hoses prevents from happening is the vaporization of the fluid which is why these hoses must be airtight at all times.

On another part of the engine, one will find the . More often than not, manual transmission is preferred over automatic by drivers, especially racers, since it affords them better control of the car. This is pretty much the same scenario with Audi drivers. To ensure that drivers do get to enjoy absolute control over their rides, one of the most essential parts that a manual transmission system employs is the Audi clutch. This part engages and disengages the engine to the gearbox and directs torque to the vehicle's transmission faster than the blink of the eye-improving and maintaining system efficiency and performance. Either way one may look at it, both Audi parts afford With the functions these two Audi parts provide, drivers must take note to always keep them in proper condition.