Cleaner and Clearer Windshield Panels

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Safety is the most common source of anxiety among drivers when it comes to managing all weather and seasons of driving conditions. For this reason, modern car like your Pontiac investment are designed and equipped to deliver higher levels of occupant and driver safety as you cut through any possible driving conditions. Because of necessity, you can notice that most of your car's driving safety equipment is located right at the front edge portion of your vehicle. Aside from the driving signal lights and headlight assemblies, you can locate powerful windshield wiper and washer assemblies that are responsible in keeping your glass windshield panel clear and clean so you will be provided with accurate road perspective with absolutely no fail. While the windshield washer spurts water from its angles opening, the windshield wipers wipe-off all collected or accumulated debris like mud, dust, and dirt that typically block your view of what lies ahead on the road. So the washer spurts water through the opening, your stock Pontiac washer pump compresses the washer fluid to generate enough force to launch the fluid across the windshield panel.

We always liked our precious Pontiac ride gleaming and neat like new. To help you do that while you are behind the wheels, simple actuations to windshield wiper assembly is all it takes to clear all that grime and dirt always from your windshield. Your Pontiac washer pump is actually a part of the windshield washer system that is comprised of the washer fluid reservoir, a nozzle, and an electric motor. The washer fluid stays at the reservoir prior to its launch to spots set by washer distribution system. The washer pump is strategically located right at the base of the washer fluid reservoir to effectively drive and handle the washer fluid. As the fluid is squirted by the washer pump through the nozzle via assembly actuations, the pump is driven by the motor which is responsible in manipulating or handling pressure build-up and release which actually generates the driving forces that spurts the fluid across the panel at certain angular settings. Depending on the assembly application specifications, the washer assembly may share motor actuations with your windshield wiper assembly. While some wiper motor are integrated to washer assembly applications, it only means that you can never use two driving safety features at the same time for it shares the same motor actuation and power source.

Once the windshield washer fluid delivery mechanisms starts having problems, your stock could be the suspect. Daily exposure to washer fluid element could eventually take toll and brew corrosion onto its surfaces. Disconnected hose and dirt in the spray nozzle could possible cause pump failure so immediate attention at the first signs the assembly fouls up is advised. Consulting a qualified service technician will be helpful as his accurate problem diagnostics will be followed by timely repairs or necessary adjustments and part replacements. Never delay installing new and heavy duty washer pump replacement when the stock part goes beyond repair because putting up with the use of failing pumps could only lead to severe assembly problems and compound your repair and replacement expenses. While equally dependable factory equivalents to stock washer pumps are conveniently available for your immediate replacement needs. Finding cost effective solution to washer assembly maintenance has never been easier and more convenient.