Dsa Exam Preparation Tips

by : Mahesh Ugale

It is very easy to score 35/35 in this section, when you know exactly what to expect on the exam day.
And it's not how much you study but how you study.
Follow our study pattern and score 35/35! You just can't fail with us.

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Step 1 : Basic preparation
- Read questions
- Give answers
- Save for review
- Mark difficulty level Time required
- Approx. 6 hours

Step 2 : Advance preparation
- Use filtering criteria
Revise -
- Wrongly answered questions
- Saved questions
- Questions marked for review Time required
- Approx.2 hours

Step 3 : Exam preparation
- Solve at least 10 random tests. Of course more the better.. Time required - Approx.4 hours

Follow this pattern on our website and you are ready in 12 hrs.
We are so confidant about our study pattern that we give you pass guarantee !

Practical Exam - Show me tell me question
Q: Open the bonnet, identify where you would check the engine oil level and tell me how you would check that
the engine has sufficient oil.
A: Identify dipstick/oil level indicator, describe check of oil level against the minimum/maximum markers.

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