Pontiac Spoiler for Improved Car Stability and Fuel Economy

by : Anthony Fontanelle

A Pontiac Spoiler is an aerodynamic device mounted on a vehicle to undo or "spoil" unfavorable air movement across a body of a vehicle in motion. This results to an improved stability by decreasing drag which can cause unstable and unpredictable handling in a car at speed. Although they have become common to all types of vehicles, the spoiler actually started to be outfitted to race and performance sports cars. There are also spoiler that are added purely as decorative accessories with little or no aerodynamic capacities and unfortunately, sometimes they can even make aerodynamics worse.

The Pontiac Spoilers work by disturbing the airflow going over a vehicle in motion to reduce the amount of drag generated by the shape of the vehicle. Drag is the force that resists the movement of a solid abject through a fluid, whether it is liquid or gas. The spoilers disrupt the drag by increasing the turbulence flowing over the shape resulting to an increase in the contact between the tire and the road surface. This causes an increase in traction which allows a moving car to brake, turn, and accelerate with more stability. Spoilers are generally ineffective or superficial in slow moving vehicles because a car has to be speeding over 100mph to take benefit of the aerodynamics of the spoiler. At high speeds, air that's flowing across the roof of your vehicle tumbles over the edge, the steep downward angle from the edge of the roof to the trunk, and causes air flow separation. The flow of air becomes turbulent with a low-pressure zone created which increases drag and instability. Adding a Pontiac Spoiler makes the air flow a longer, gentler slope from the roof to the spoiler which then helps to delay the air flow separation. This, of course, decreases drag, increases fuel economy, and helps keep the rear window clear. Nowadays, these spoilers are used an add-on to your vehicle to make it look sportier and cooler. One has also to consider the effect of the weight the spoiler will have on the handling of the car. Different has different weights and adding any amount of weight to the rear of the car may affect your driving. Spoilers are more often light and sturdy because most spoilers are made from a durable material called polyurethane. But, there are some spoilers that are made from light weight steel or fiber glass. And there are some that make use of the combination of the two or three of different materials.

The rear spoilers mounted on the rear trunk lid act to minimize the turbulence at the rear of the vehicle. But aside from the rear spoiler there are also front spoilers. The front Pontiac Spoiler, also known as air dams, is mounted below the bumper are mainly used to direct air flow away from the tires. In some vehicles, like mini-vans, the spoiler are mounted upside down and angled and used to deflect the rain off the rear window. For pick-up, there are other kinds of spoilers like the tailgate spoilers, cab spoilers and tonneau spoilers. The SUVs, minivans uses it as rear window spoilers.