Estimated Fuel Economy Drops in Every 2008 Make and Model

by : khalid r mustaffa

Car manufacturers invest millions of dollars annually on research and development; this is to improve every aspect of their cars by the next manufacturing batch. Of course, it is taken into consideration that fuel economy became more important to car shopper than they ever were. This is due to the fact that drivers around the nation are experiencing all time high gas prices. Nowadays gas saving products and additives are being advertised for like no time before. Yet the advertised fuel economy in 2008 car models is lower than 2007 car models. At least this is what you are about to witness if you go to a car dealership, and compare the 2007 to the 2008 of same make and model.

The good news is that the research and development investments are not being wasted, and the manufactures did not neglect the fuel efficiency factor, better yet, those 2007 are indifferent to the 2008 models as far as fuel efficiency is concerned, but are more realistic. Yes, the EPA has finally decided to tweak the way it measures fuel economy, the numbers you will starting 2008 models is going to be more realistic. I am as most of you are aware, a numbers oriented person, yet find it hard to remember monitoring a car that gave the announced Gas mileage. Well, basically because I am not old enough. The standards for measuring fuel economy you see around have not changed since 1984, back when the highway speed limits hardly reached 55 miles an hour. Obviously, it's a different world now, where highway speed limits are reaching at some parts of country 80 miles per hour.

On a concluding note, it is worth quoting the EPA spokesman on this issue. John Millett said "Driving has changed so much, since we last updated the method in 1984, that we were due for a change," says. "We have faster interstate highway speeds, 65 to 70 miles an hour in some areas, up from 55. We also have a lot more vehicles equipped with air conditioning."For more information about selling your car, check out the