Car Seat Covers - Avoid Problems and Guarantee Style

by : Tim Saunier

The last decades have shown that the love of the cars and trucks grows more and more. Men are spending most of their free time in the garage in order to pimp their beloved trucks: new air filters, modern air intakes, power programmers. The purposes of these products are easy to explain. The car has to be as fast as possible no matter how much it costs. To understand this concept you have to consider a time, where the humans didn't have cars, electricity or anything of the other modern accomplishments that we got from geniuses like Edison or Arthur Fischer.

In this age, men had to find ways to feed their family. Therefore they had to be strong and fast. Otherwise it would not have been possible to catch rabbits or foxes, which the children expected for their good and nutrient dinner in the evening. So they tried to find ways to pimp their vehicles like how Fred Flintstone's BMW went four miles per hour and an amount of horse power, only a carriage with 5 horses had been able to compete with. By remembering our past we recognize that there were benefits from pimping vehicles: Feeding the family. If we compare this time with the modern time, one fact will be obvious. Men still have this gene inside them that makes them find ways to pimp their vehicles. But the benefit is different. In the older days guys wanted to guarantee their wives a good life, now they want to guaranty a good life by having a hot wife. That is the only logical explanation for describing a male life, in which spending five hours a day in the garage is nothing special. It does not matter, if

the way to Wall Mart or Albertsons takes 5 or 7 minutes, the overweight children get their meals punctually and in masses. Beside that, the light, the traffic and the speed limit on the highway (that has to be introduced by a woman but back to the story) prevent the real advantages of power programmers. So the only benefit must be impressing women with loud rides, which have 200 hp more than necessary than you need to reach the cinema five miles away in order to see Pearl Harbor or other Gangster movies that underline how hard you are.

But maybe the way to impress a girl is easier and primarily cheaper. Everyone knows that women love comfort. So what are the benefits of a car with 250 horsepower with dirty seats caused by beer, mud and candies that do not reach their goal and are now attributes of the car. The interior should be the key to the heart of your dream girl. But there is a way to avoid these embarrassments during the first date: Car Seat Covers. They are offering cover and style; the real things girls demand. Besides that, you can impress your girl by buying her a sweet pussy cat and you won't have to worry about hair getting all over your seats. So the pussy cat in the backseat is probably not the only thing you might be able watch tonight.