Chevy S10 Parts Keep your S10 Moving Along With Time

by : Evander Klum

The Chevy Blazer S10 model has undergone constant changes in styles, parts, and design over the past few decades. Change is what keeps the S10 able to constantly move along with the times. It was introduced in the market in 1982 to replace the Chevy LUV pickup built by Isuzu. The year after its release, changes in the car's power sources were done to further improve the car's capacity. This continued until 1984, where off road packages and the latest in Chevy S10 parts then, the clutch in hydraulic style was introduced. And on 1985, the 2L power train was replaced with a 2.5L "Iron Duke."

Due to the arrival of TBI engines and Throttle Body Injection for 2.8L V6 engines, the use of the 2.2 diesel and the 1.9L 4cyl engines was discontinued in 1986. The interior was redesigned with a new dash board and door panels. Chevy S10 parts such as the Vortec 4.3L V6 engine and new leather seats entered the market on 1992. The formerly optional four-wheel ABS became standard as well as enhanced front bucket seats, added four-spoke steering wheels and new speedometer. A relaxing entertainment system is also made available and also an electronic-shift transfer case. For 1993 models, front seats came with manual lumbar adjusters for a more comfortable drive.

Chevy S10 took on a new body style in 1994 and off-road packages were offered as promotion. This included a 3 inch lift, bigger track, sporty wheel flares, skid plates and muscular suspension and tires for off-road use. A year after, a new body style was again offered. It is patterned after the stand-out features of the 1994 models. As for the four-door models, the spare tires get to be newly positioned on the area below the cargo area of the car. You'll be amazed at how select can transform your truck.