Chinas 10 Most Unpopular Cars

by : Evander Klum

As of the first six months of 2007, 34 new car models have blown the Chinese market, and 21 of those were remake versions. Only a few among those shone and some were washed out going to the Top 10 Most Unpopular Cars in China.

1. Honda's Acura TL
It sold less than 200 units during the first half of the year. Reports say Acura had unsuccessful marketing strategy. Acura TL's advanced equipment, like the intelligent key and navigation system, were applied only on the demand of customers who would pay the bill. This could be the very reason why Acura got low sales.

2. Mitsubishi Galant
The Galant has a half-year result of 4062 units, not even half of Toyota Camry's monthly sales, though both models belong to the same D-segment.

3. Fiat Perla
For the first time, Italian automaker chose China as an all-new model's debut place. Perla, with probably good , has half-year sales of around 2,000 units. Perla got its name as "car of revival" for the loss-making Nanjing Fiat Automobile. Unfortunately, for its similarity with Fiat Siena, which is RMB20, 000 cheaper than Perla, customers are reluctant to buy this new car. Perla has monthly sales of only 300 units, far below the company's expectation.

4. Kia Rio
Automaker Dongfeng Kia, expected to sell over 5000 units per month, but since it's launch early this year, Rio is selling only 4,996 units up to now.

5. FAW VItz
VItz only had 904 units of sales. Toyota's announcement on its plan to put the new Yaris into production next year threatens Vitz, which actually is the same model. Under the extreme competition from Polo, Fit and Peugeot 206, Vitz's sales are declining since its introduction in late 2002.

6. Suzuki Liana
Its half year sales are only 5,416 units. Last month, Changhe Suzuki sold a record-low 387 units of Liana.

7. Hyundai Sonata
Beijing Hyundai sold 7,808 units of Sonata. This model is successful in the European and American markets, but not in China.

8. Ford S-Max
A wholesale volume of 2,260 units was earned by this minivan. S-Max's sales in the launching month of March topped 1,000 units, but later declined to 173 units in June.

9. Toyota Prius
The prohibitive price and the yet-unformed eco-fashion restricted Toyota Prius' half-year sales of176 units. The RMB300, 000 sedans discourage the consumers due to the relatively small 1.5L engines. People in China would rather buy a well-equipped high or medium-level sedan.

10. GM Park Avenue
SAIC GM sold only 934 units of Park Avenue during the first six months. Park Avenue was set to replace Buick Royaum as the newest flagship model. The latter was out of production in order to pave way for Park Avenue, but consumer doubt about its origin and lack of marketing baulked the highly-expected sedan.

Majority of those cars experienced price cuts, but did not prosper still.