Nissans On-board Breathalyzer System is on the Way

by : Anthony Fontanelle

The latest technology from the Nissan Motor Corporation, the On-Board Breathalyzer, will start its testing and that is according to an announcement given out by the company yesterday. The new technology aims to avoid drink-driving in collaboration with the local authorities. The company is presently active and committed to enhancing expanded arrays of ground-breaking technologies to have a progressive road safety through drink-driving prevention. Just two months ago, Nissan unveiled the CARWINGS navigation system which is one of the most recent technologies that alert people about drunk drivers.

The new on-board breathalyzer system will begin to undergo tests this week. The system can detect the alcohol level on a driver's breath. If presence of alcohol is detected by the breathalyzer and it is above the standard level, an "interlock" mechanism will disable the car's ignition. And when that happens, the drunk driver, no matter how much he tries to turn on the engine would never be able to do so. In fact, all other parts of the vehicle like even the would be of no use once the technology detects an alcohol concentration of being higher than the standard.

On the other hand, if the driver uses the technology and the alcohol concentration on his breath is lower than the standard amount, the engine would start up without much fuss. The tests and evaluation will be performed at the Fukuoka Prefecture, the Tochigi Prefectural Government and the Kaminokawa town. Atsugi city in the Kanagawa Prefecture will participate as well.

The On-Board Breathalyzer system is installed on daily-operating vehicles such as passenger cars, pickups and SUVS. With this system, drivers would also be able to monitor different factors like functionality as well as alcohol-detection reliability.

All the results of the tests done would then be used by the company to further their research and their development of the drunk-driving technology. The statistics would also serve as the basis of developing more technology that would lessen the incidents of accidents due to drunk-driving.

The Nissan Motor Company is not only aiming at vehicles that would sell much on the market. They are also not just creating vehicles that would be safe by putting in tons of safety features and technology. It does look like for the past years, the company has also been making sure that they bring to the market products that help reach their goal of creating a "safe driving environment".