Importance of Auto Transport Insurance

by : mercys

Many people require the auto transport service but are not aware of the importance that auto transport carries. Most reliable car and auto transport companies carry the necessary insurance to cover any damage, which may occurs to the vehicles while shipping. In vast majority of cases, vehicles arrive at their destination in perfect condition; however, as with any kind of insurance, there could be lots of caveats. Before you go on with automobile to a moving company, check out the following advice on insurance and the vehicle shipping process.

Keep the following in mind:

Before you resolve on which auto shipping company to use, ask the shipping companies you are paying attention in for their insurance certificate. They're all necessary by law to have one. Do not be frightened to ask questions about their policies either. Will your car be enclosed for any damage, which happens during shipping? Or are only some parts of the car (i.e. the body) covered? Would you be obligatory to pay a deductible?

Make certain to get any promises or declarations from the auto transport company well in writing.

It is as well possible that your auto insurance would as well cover the vehicle. Call your auto shipping company or broker check into certain the specifics. Is the insurance coverage the same while the automobile is being shipped? Do you have to give the company with any more notification?

When you drop your car off at the car shipping company, a transport truck driver or company agent would further inspect the vehicle before loading it in order to note any there is an already existing damage. Make sure you are there during the examination. It can not hurt to take a few snapshots of your car before go either, as proof, in case something happens.

If any damage has been done to your vehicle during the shipping process, note it on the bill of lading, get the driver to sign it and then get in touch with the auto shipping company directly for reimbursement.

It might be a lot to procedure, but there's no alternate for making sure your auto transport insurance is set up right.