Used Cars in Houston Area

by : khalid r mustaffa

Are you in the market for a used car? If not, I can bet that you or someone you care for will be in the next 2 years. If so, it is essential that you grasp onto the tip I will discuss through this article.

A total of 2.5 million cars get into accidents each year, out of which about a million goes back on the road. The immoral drive for profit leads some car dealerships to hide, or pretend not to know anything about an accident that the car got involved in. the consequences vary from corroding electrical components, airbags that will not inflate in god forbid, an accident you get into. Never say that a scam will never happen to you, because everyone, including me is an ideal target for such a scam if negligence was to take place.

Statics showed that about 4 percent cars that are repaired and sent back to the streets have a damaged, or a dummy airbag. Hence, only a couple of states have regulated the matter of airbag replacement. Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax, said "Airbag systems are expensive to replace so to keep costs down and profits up, scam artists may cut corners", he continued by saying" Victims of airbag fraud have found their airbags stuffed with everything from rags to old shoes or nothing at all. However, most victims of airbag fraud may never know until it's too late."

Insurance companies reimburse for repair costs of damaged cars, this includes airbag replacement. However, immoral repair shops are pocketing the money, and sending the car back to the streets with dummy, or damaged airbags. Some repair shops got to the extent of filling the airbag space with peanut bags. There are salvage yards, and auto part companies that are into the business of selling fake airbags. Lets look at it from a different angle, a salvage yard has parts that came from an accident, now the airbag already failed to deploy once, what are the odds that it work the next time. Unless are gifted with x-ray vision, there is no way for you see through the airbag cover. Autocheck, and Carfax reports include information that were collected from police reports, which describes the accident, and whether the airbag was deployed or not.

The most powerful weapon you can use when buying a car is researching the history of the vehicle identification number, VIN. Ask for the VIN before you even consider taking the car for a test drive, and with the Internet you can in a matter of seconds pull out the history of the car. Hence, if you are in the market for a car, I suggest you buy a month worth of unlimited checks, and have carfax and auto check work to protect you and your beloved ones. Visit my website if you are looking for