What Volkswagen Has in Store 2008 - Tiguan, Jetta Wagon

by : Erich Schmidt

Product has never been so exciting at Volkswagen. Today's line-up spans about 49% of the new vehicle market but tomorrow, VW will compete in 72% of the marketplace. Let us elaborate on what we can look forward to in the next calendar year.

To start off our ever expanding line-up is the New Jetta Wagon. Originally slated to come out late this year, it has been postponed until April of 2008. This vehicle is the wagon version of the popular New Jetta compact sedan. It will have an all new moon roof option and there's even a rumour that it will become available in a 4motion.

At around the same time, VW will introduce its new compact SUV crossover - the Tiguan. In case you're wondering, the name "Tiguan" is made up of a combination of "tiger" and "iguana" voted on by on-line pollers.

The Touareg's little brother is to be produced in Wolfsburg and represents the transfer of the globally successful Touareg philosophy to the class of the compact SUV, a segment which has grown considerably in the last few years.

Travel, adventure and excitement are associated with the exotic sounding name. That suits the bill perfectly: thanks to its concept based on driving dynamics and high comfort levels, the Tiguan is suited to urban environments as well as rough terrain far from normal roads and thus provides the driver with absolute freedom. Images can already be readily found throughout the internet, just type "tiguan" into the google search engine.

The third quarter brings us both a new luxury sedan, currently dubbed the "Passat CC" and a Minivan, known as "Project M".

I had the opportunity to see both of these prototypes in Phoenix last year and they are both stunning. The luxury sedan is very sharp with lines to die for, unfortunately there are no prototype images yet available so we'll have to wait to see any images. The minivan will be a joint venture with Chrysler. We are told that it will most likely have a Chrysler drive train but the hat and everything else is purely Volkswagen. It will definitely be a 7 seater!