Saab Boss Says Britain is Far Behind Europe on Biofuels

by : Michelle Crimson

Saab's UK chief believes that Britain is falling far behind some other European countries in terms of adopting new biofuel technology.

According to the car company's managing director, by the name of Jonathan Nash, to give confidence to motorists and other players in the emerging sector, stronger signals were needed from government.

He cited Sweden as an example. He said that new and reconditioned filling stations in it were only given planning permission if they stocked E85, which is blended using 85 percent ethanol. In effect, motorists could buy the fuel in more than 800 locations. In the UK it is only available at 15 Morrisons filling stations.

Mr. Nash also said that cars that are designed to run on E85 had a 20 percent increase in power and a 30 percent increase in torque as compared to those running on conventional fuel, but could still use straight petrol where necessary. According to him, people can use cars with smaller engines.
He added that with the technology, sales of Saab models had jumped to 85 percent of total output since they were launched in Sweden and Ireland, in less than 12 months.

He continued that consumers are ready to make the wise choices when offered the right tools, but the government has to offer a long-term but reachable framework.

The managing director further said that LPG or liquid petroleum gas was killed by government policy and that it is now a dead technology. Thus, there are no new and more modern cars that are built with original equipment for LPG.

About Saab
The name SAAB is actually an acronym of "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget" which means "Swedish Aircraft Company." Their aircraft legacy is more than a novel piece of historical trivia: It is a persistent design philosophy that makes Saab stand out. Evidences are seen in the cockpit-inspired interiors, the ergonomic controls, and the sleek, aerodynamic lines. Saab AB manufactures broad-based systems solutions, products and services in civil security, defense, aviation and space as well as related areas in the global market. Gripen, developed by Saab AB, is the first of the new generation, multi-role combat aircraft to enter service.

The company sought ways in which to diversify its business and it started to manufacture Saab Automobiles in the late 1940s. The automobile division was based in Trollhattan with the first car being the Saab 92001 on launched in June 10, 1947.

Over the years, Saab designers have been creating innovations such as turbo engines, heated seats, active head restraint systems, cabin air filters, headlamp washers and more.

Founded by 16 aircraft engineers, the brand assures that each single meet their high quality standards.

The manufacturers of Saab jets and vehicles are no longer affiliated today.