Infiniti Opens Shop in China

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Nissan's luxury brand Infiniti recently extended its global presence after it opened its first authorized dealership in China. Called Shanghai Yongda Infiniti, the luxury brand's Chinese arm opened its doors to Chinese luxury car buyers. This move demonstrates how Nissan and Infiniti are capitalizing on the growing Chinese auto market.

The Infiniti brand has already achieved success in North American soil. Since its introduction in 1989, the luxury brand has already gained a loyal buyer base in North American countries. With China's auto market growing at a rapid rate, Infiniti's presence at the said country is aimed to boost popularity and profit of the brand.

Infiniti's presence in the Chinese auto market will usher in a new era in the country's auto industry as Infiniti will be bringing a new brand of luxury. The Nissan luxury band has been known for award-winning and safe vehicles with wide array of standard features.

The opening of the first dealership of Infiniti in China is one of the steps needed to be taken by the company to support the Nissan Value-Up program. "The China business is crucial for Infiniti's global expansion and the smooth implementation of Nissan Value-Up," said Yasuaki Hashimoto, Corporate Vice President of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Mr. Hashimoto attended the opening of Infiniti's first dealership in China. Also present during the opening of the dealership is Yukihisa Kayashima, President of Nissan China Investment Co. Joining them are Mr. Cai Yingjie, Vice President of Yongda Group and Mr. Xu Yue, General Manager of Shanghai Yongda Infiniti dealership. The ceremony included presenting a key to the first owner of an Infiniti model bought at the dealership.

"Infiniti has been well received in the marketplace thanks to its vibrant design, exhilarating performance, modern luxury experience and premium quality, as well as its Total Ownership Experience customer care philosophy," said Hashimoto.

"Infiniti's worldwide customers are innovative, ambitious and successful people. We are also expecting many of the same kind of customers in China. Cumulative Infiniti global sales have so far topped 1,100,000 units. Today, we are so excited to see that Infiniti has taken a major step forward in China. We hope that Infiniti can achieve great success in this market."

The brand is already known for its edge in terms of performance compared to other brands in its segment. Aside from being known as a producer of quality vehicles with reliable parts like , coil springs, steering components and the likes, the brand is also known for taking care of its customers. Infiniti's Total Ownership Experienceâ„? is the company's program to ensure that consumers will have no trouble maintaining their vehicles. The said program has already been recognized around the world for its efficiency and the service it gives to consumers.

In conclusion, Mr. Kayashima has this to say about their objective in the Chinese luxury auto market: "All Infiniti dealerships will be built based on Infiniti Retail Environment Design Initiative (IREDI), Infiniti's unified global standard. We believe that our dealers will be able to bring the greatest satisfaction to customers through their commitment to the Total Ownership Experience philosophy - even exceeding the expectations of luxury customers."