Body Kit

by : James Brown

The top reason why people customize their wheels with a body kit is the looks but the body kit can improve as well the overall performance of your vehicle. Before getting started on buying a body kit, take into consideration certain concerns.

A body kit typically includes ground effects usually an air dam and side skirts. These ground effects fit on the vehicle's bottom edges and improves the down force by altering the air flow. The car looks lowered to the ground.

A kit can also include spoilers and wings. Under the front bumper is positioned a front spoiler to lessen the aerodynamic drag. A spoiler on the rear creates a down force to help increase grip or traction during acceleration.

The material that the body kit is made of should be considered. Generally there are two types of materials used in fabricating kits. You have the urethane and the fiberglass. Fiberglass has a better fit and can be repaired if a piece gets damaged. On the other hand, urethane once it gets damaged cannot be repaired but it is more resistant to soft impacts. Fiberglass has a better finish than urethane, and the paint generally looks better on it. Urethane is advisable if you live in an area that has rough roads and snow. Fiberglass is ideal with smooth roads and with a decent weather.

When you have considered a particular kit, calling the manufacturer of that kit would be good. Ask for what material your choice body kit is made of, if there is any warranty and if it is necessary for factory pieces from your vehicle's safety structure to be removed in order that the kit will fit accordingly. If it is necessary for the factory pieces to be removed, then don't bother buying the kit. Avoid purchasing body kits that require factory pieces from your car's structure to be removed.

Quality comes with price. Top quality fiberglass resin made in the U.S. can be expensive, while you can also find cheap fiberglass. It is all up to you how much you are willing to invest in your body kit.

Even the most accomplished do-it-yourselfers find installing a body kit quite complicated that it would be advisable to seek professional help. Ask your body kit manufacturer for recommended dealers in your area or recommended shops that could do the job. Check other sources like the yellow pages and the internet as well. Make sure that the shop has ample experience in such field and could do a good job at painting the kit. Check out pictures of previous works that the shop has done and select the shop that is most comfortable for you.