Nerf Bars Fit for the Trail-rated Jeep

by : John Garett

The steel and durable plastic steps fitted on the flanks of the Jeep recompense for the trail-grade ground clearance of the vehicle. Called nerf bars, these Jeep exterior accessories are typically bolted on either side of the Jeep body to provide a foothold into and out of the vehicle. They are usually constructed from stainless steel, chrome or powder-coated steel, although there are considerable variations in style, color and design. The Jeep nerf bars are alternatively referred to as step bars, boss bars, tube steps or step tubes, depending on their constructions. are available in flat step design and in tubular steel finish. Apart from enabling easy ingress and egress from a vehicle, the Jeep nerf bars also protect the vehicle's flanks from damages. They protrude from the Jeep body and are the first to brush with undergrowths and hazards, sparing the vehicle from direct contact with road obstructions. The stable support provided by a set of Jeep nerf bars are likewise a great measure of safety and peace of mind especially for the elderly and children passengers. Side steps are built to handle abuse, as most are bolt-on to a vehicle in a preexisting mounting position on the frame. Supported by the steel construction and heavy-duty frame mount brackets, a set of standard Jeep nerf bars boasts of a weight capacity up to 300lbs at a time. Heavy-duty Jeep nerf bars fitted with an aluminum support frame beneath the stepping surface can even carry a weight capacity of up to 500lbs. During inclement weather, the treaded pads on the Jeep nerf bars help passengers get a safe grip on the step before climbing into the vehicle. These all-weather pads carry a grooved design that channels water away from the stepping surface. Aside from providing a non-slip and high-traction surface for stepping, Jeep nerf bars also help keep dirt and mud from reaching the vehicle's carpet. The treaded pad is an excellent place to wipe one's feet, while the tube also becomes an ingenious tool for knocking off the mud.