Volkswagen Rabbit Named Best Family Car

by : Anthony Fontanelle

Being the first successful replacement for the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, the Rabbit already has an impressive resume. It is now the best selling model from Europe's largest car manufacturer and the Volkswagen Rabbit, also called Volkswagen Golf, is the third best selling nameplate of all time, overtaking its predecessor, the Beetle.

And recently, the Rabbit's list of accomplishment will include being named the "Best Family Car" by Canadian television show Motoring 2007. The distinction was given to the Volkswagen Rabbit for the "Under $30,000" segment.

John White, the Executive Vice President of Volkswagen Canada, is clearly ecstatic with the award given to the Rabbit. "We are thrilled and honored by the success that the new Rabbit has encountered from the Canadian consumers and media alike," said White. The Rabbit was launched in Canada in June last year. Since that time, the Rabbit has received awards from Canadian groups, motoring publications, and media outlets. Positive reviews have also been given by auto journalists to the Rabbit, known as the Golf outside North America.

The Rabbit is popular among car buyers because of its many likeable characteristics like sporty suspension setting. While it may not be as stiff as sports car, it provides a good stability and cornering is not a problem even at high speeds. Although having a stiff suspension, the ride is still quite comfortable. One of the most notable characteristic of the Rabbit is that it is a small car yet is engineered to make you feel once you are inside that you are not actually in a small car.

The Rabbit is really a small car; this makes the Rabbit an ideal city car. With congested city streets and parking lots, the small Rabbit is flexible in the way that an SUV is flexible in terms of seating. An SUV's seats can be reconfigured to accommodate cargoes - the Rabbit, on the other hand, is flexible that it can squeeze in a crowded parking lot with relative ease.

The fact that the Rabbit is a small car means that it is ideal for those who are looking for a city car with good fuel economy. With a small frame, the engine of the Rabbit will not be tasked heavily which would likely result to the burning of huge amount of fuel to power the car.

Another strong selling point for the Rabbit is that it truly is a descendant of the Beetle. The Rabbit is a "People's Car" - priced sensibly that many car buyers would be able to afford it. The Rabbit is instrumental in the increased sale of Volkswagen in the United States.

Last month, Volkswagen sold 15 percent more vehicles in the United States compared to June of 2006. The increase in sale for the European car manufacturer is fueled by strong demand for smaller and more fuel efficient cars such as the Eos, and the Rabbit.

Aside from being fuel efficient and having good road manners, the Rabbit's popularity can also be attributed to its exterior looks. Loaded with aesthetically advanced styling cues, the Rabbit is a good looking car from the outside. And when one enters the vehicle, the same can be said. High-quality materials were used in the cockpit. Even the instrument panel and the controls, the , and even the gear shift knob are designed to give the interior of the Rabbit a welcoming appeal.