Maintain Total Safety With the Jeep Door!

by : Kimberly Baker

They say that a room is not a room without a door---otherwise it is just a hall. This principle may be applicable to your Jeep. Without the Jeep Door, then it is not a Jeep. Although the earliest models of Jeep are designed without doors to fit its rugged, military utility functions, its designs have evolved to fit the need to market the Jeep to civilians. Recent models of Jeeps are coming up with new way of providing a combined utilitarian purpose with luxury and comfort. That includes different features to secure, protect, and to upgrade the riding experience of the every passenger on board. These characteristics are included in the new Grand Cherokee, Wrangler, Wrangler Rubicon, and Liberty.

On some vehicle models, the doors serve an aesthetic function as well. Designers have implemented various ways and styles of opening a car door, depending on the functions of the car. This innovation is most commonly added on sports cars, or fancy luxury cars. There are four kinds of these doors. The butterfly doors are mostly implemented on high performing vehicles such as the Mercedes Benz McLaren F1 cars. They open vertically, but they rotate forward before going up. Similar doors would be the gull-wing doors, and the scissor doors. They all open upwards, but they only vary in style and implementation. The last would be the suicide door, which was not appreciated by most people because its hinges are located near the trailing edge. It opens the opposite way.

Fortunately, the conventional is distinct in its own style. It does not have to open in different ways, because the Jeep Door is more concerned with the safety of its passengers. The aesthetic features that it adds to the Jeep is just an added bonus. So when one sees a Jeep without a door, one may conclude that it is for military purposes. But when it rolls along with a Jeep Door, then it is indeed the Jeep---the Jeep that the people have trusted to deliver safety and luxury in one all-purpose vehicle.