Nissan Opens Global Production Engineering Center

by : RyanThomas

The third largest Japanese car manufacture recently announced that its Global Production Engineering Centre is fully operational. The said facility is located at Nissan's Zama Operations Center in the Kanagawa Prefecture. The said facility will be the crucial link in Nissan's production all over the world. The Global Production Engineering Centre (GPEC) will be focusing on the production methods used by the different Nissan assembly facilities scattered across the globe. Nissan aims to use the GPEC to develop new production technologies which will ensure that their assembly plants will be producing high quality Nissan vehicles.

Hidetoshi Imazu, Nissan's Executive Vice President, has this to say with the opening of the Global Production Engineering Centre: "The new GPEC and Global Training Center (GTC) represent long-term investments for Nissan in terms of delivering high-quality products to our customers worldwide. Both facilities are critical to the continued evolution of the Nissan Production Way (NPW) as a proven global standard. As we cut down the development lead time to introduce more new products and build them across the world, it is important that Nissan maintains the high levels of quality that our customers expect."

Among the tasks that the facility will perform is production trial. This step is important to find out how high the quality of the end product will be at Nissan's assembly factories. The newly operational facility will also analyze vehicle production. All the tasks performed in all assembly plants will be analyzed by Nissan's engineers at the GPEC. Production of automobiles as well as other components such as , body kits, and other components will also be the concern of the new facility. The production technology that Nissan aims to develop is expected to increase the efficiency and quality of current production techniques used by the company's numerous assembly facilities.

The opening of the new facility is in connection wit Nissan's effort to increase its offering in terms of their auto lineup. Last fiscal year saw the company post its first loss since Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn took over. The dismal sales performance of the company is blamed on the scarcity of choice for car buyers. To turn the company around, Nissan announced that they will be offering new car models in the near future. The new engineering center will play a big role in ensuring that these new cars will be produced efficiently and will be of high quality. We can expect that Nissan will be coming up with high quality cars in the near future and this facility will have a big hand in making that a possibility.