Amaze Digital Revamps Lexus Online Marketing

by : Lauren Woods

The Digital Media Solutions agency, Amaze Digital, earlier revamped the Lexus GB's website to bolster its edge in the online marketing realm. The sub-site, available within, is expected to raise the company's share of the fleet car market.

The revamp concentrates on empowering fleet managers and educating users. The redesign coincides with Lexus' ongoing launch of new models such as the such as the IS 220d diesel, RX 400h Hybrid and the GS 450h Hybrid and the LS 600h Hybrid which will appeal to fleet managers, contract hire and leasing companies, and company car drivers.

The new sub-site, built on Tridion's R5, is designed to offer fleet customers with information on the automaker's new range of cars, auto parts like the , comprehensive information on taxation and running costs. The sub-site features a series of customer-orientated sections that have a noticeably defined user journey, catering for individuals' needs including understanding government policy on cash allowances as well as information on whole life costs.

Compared with other automakers, Lexus' new sub-site features a model comparison tool which is powered by Jato, a leading supplier of automotive market intelligence. This feature allows users to compare their ideal Lexus against other automakers' model at a comparative specification. This fact reinforces Lexus' confidence in its power lineup. Additionally, this approach is said to appeal to the fleet market. ComCar, a supplier of online automotive tools, has provided a cross-competitor carbon dioxide calculator and a whole life costs calculator.

What is more, the section also sports a wide-ranging news and event section penned by industry specialist Ashley Martin, the ex-editor of Fleet News. The news and events section ensures that site visitors are kept up to date on a range of topics involving the fleet industry like changes in government legislation.

"Lexus is perfectly positioned to capture a larger share of the company car market. It now offers the world's largest range of hybrid cars designed to deliver high performance whilst reducing emissions and improving fuel economy. This website will help educate fleet operators and company car drivers about the financial benefits of low emission vehicles and help them make sound practical decisions using the interactive tools," noted Natalie Gross, the General Manager, Digital Marketing, Amaze Digital.

"As part of our long-term relationship with Amaze Digital we have delivered a truly unique and powerful company cars section that reflects Lexus' dedication to both our interactive strategy and the fleet Industry. This section brings new standards to manufactures fleet communications and is truly befitting a premium and innovative brand such as Lexus," noted Matt Button, the manager of Database Marketing for the Lexus GB.

Earlier, Amaze Digital won the Best Digital Brand Development category at this year's Big Chip Awards. The prestigious award-giving body acknowledges innovation in the digital industry in the North West. Amaze Digital was awarded the accolade for its work with Toyota Motor Corp. at its futuristic Le Rendez-Vous showroom on the Champs Elysee in Paris.

"Through our in-depth understanding of Toyota's core messages of quality, design and innovation, we have been able to create a fantastic showcase arena for one of the world's leading car brands," explained Natalie Gross, General Manager - Digital Marketing, Amaze Digital. "It's fantastic that the project's success has been recognized by the North West's most prestigious digital award."

Amaze Digital has developed and mounted interactive touch-screen units at the Champs-Elysee showroom to showcase the Japanese automaker's concept cars and new product lines as well as its involvement in Formula One. By encouraging visitors to interact with the digital displays, customers can explore the offers of the Japanese automaker in a creative and brand-enhancing manner.